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The Met

No description

Emily Demirjian

on 19 July 2015

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Transcript of The Met

My Visit to the Met
The Met
Yesterday, July 18th, I went to the Met with my mother. I live in Queens, yet I realized that I had never been to the Met, and this would be a great time to go. Also, one of my mother's close friends is the pastry chef at the Met, so we met him there and he showed us around in a way that we normally couldn't have seen. Also we got yummy treats for free!
The exhibition this summer is,
China Through the Looking Glass
. There are three different sections, including the Anna Wintour Costume Center, the Chinese Galleries, and the Egyptian Galleries. All of these are shown in the Costume Institute section of the Met.
My favorite
In the beginning of the Anna Wintour section, there was a a mannequin wearing a gold dress. This was so incredibly beautiful and I spent the most time at that piece.
There were many different cultures that were shown in this exhibit, but clearly it was mostly the Asian culture.
Most of the time I was there I was looking in the Anna Wintour section.
The picture above is a scarf that had little intricate designs on it that show the Asian culture.
Intricate Embellished Outfits
One major part of the exhibit was headpieces. They were all very different and very involved.
Relating This Back to Class
This shoe reminded me of shoes from the European culture.
This open bust reminded me of the corset tops we learned about in class.
All of the dresses above look like the dresses we learned about, with the hoop skirt bottom and the tight corset top.
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