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No description

Dave MacLeod

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of test

WWha The Problem The Project Project Aims Lasting Impacts Malaria is a killer - half a billion deaths per year

Links between earth system processes and mosquitos are not simple - has anything been missed?

Global Climate model grid size >> relevant scales for disease BUZZ Extended field campaign in Botswana

Satellite measurements

Partnerships - employement and training of local academics/citizens What factors affect the lifecycle and spread of mosquitos?

What interventions could be carried out to reduce mosquito numbers? Project timeline 1st field campaign
5 year
Collect high-resolution data
Physical, Chemical, Social, Biological
1st Analysis Period
PhD studentships, Postdocs
Work to address the project aims
Making hypothesis regarding reduction of mosquito numbers
Ecosystems analysis - possible effects of reducing mosquitos 2nd field campaign
Testing hypothesis - active intervention in mosquito lifecycle
2nd Analysis Period
Did it work?
Pass on information to local communities
Look to extend work to other countries Lab assistance
Field assistance
Field management
Satellite time
PhD students
Conference budget
Reporting budget
Data storage
Costs Observation Analysis
Increased understanding of mosquitos and malaria
Land use mapping across the whole of Botswana.
New Botswana data repository
Multi-disciplinary Earth science publications
Developed-developing world academic networks established
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