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2nd Grade Sloth Project

No description

Jennifer Sassi

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of 2nd Grade Sloth Project

By Fischer Sassi
My goal is to do what I can to stop the removal
of trees from the tropical rain forest, so that the
sloths have a better chance of survival.
It could take this sloth a whole day
to climb up this tree to the canopy!
They move very slowly!
Sloths are very hard to see because they don’t move very much.
Because he is so slow,
it is easy for one of these predators to get him.
As I mentioned before, the sloths sleep
almost all the time, so I bet this is what they dream about...
The End by Fischer Sassi
But, he has adapted.
He tries to fight. He uses his claws and he has a loud scream that sounds like this...
Sloths spend almost their entire lives hanging in trees also known as the canopy in the tropical rain forest in Central and South America.
Thank you for listening
Aren't sloths cool?
~ Fischer Sassi
Interesting Fact, the sloth only comes down from the trees once a week to go to the bathroom.
Adaptation #3
Do you ever wish you turned white in the winter? That would be great for hide and seek!

They sleep all day. They are only awake for about 4 hours a day.
His claws make it really hard to move around and he is VERY VERY VERY I repeat very slow.
Sloths only eat poisonous leaves
Adaptation #2
This is a Sloth
Brown Fur
Adaptation #1
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