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Thomas Green Case Presentation

No description

Cindy Huang

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Thomas Green Case Presentation

Thomas Green Case Presentation
By Kitty Chen, Lisa Chow, Hinal Patel, Paula Le, Vasu Taak, Vivian Wu, and Cindy Huang
Any questions?
Key Players
Thomas Green:
lacks experience for his position
has a degree of conscientiousness
Key Issues
Green should communicate with Davis
Rational persuasion (try to reach a compromise)
Consultation between the two parties (try to set a more realistic forecast for both parties)
Inform McDonald of the personal consultation with Davis
Frank Davis:
holds a lot of experience compared to Green
exercises coercive power
overly optimistic
Shannon MacDonald
wishes to give informational justice to both
has the most power (reward and coercive power - fire or promote)
vital for her to play the role of mediator between Green and Davis
Low Political Skills
Low networking ability
Lacks social astuteness (Opening challenges Davis’ pro-forma numbers)
Lacks apparent sincerity (not making changes he agreed to make)
Interpersonal Influence (assumes Davis wants to fire him)

Ineffective method to influence each other
Davis uses coalition enlisting McDonald to influence Green
Indirect pressure
Ineffective approaches to conflict resolution
Low assertiveness (avoiding of situation)
Self-serving bias
McDonald is the mediator
Help both parties reach consensus by explaining both perspectives in depth to the opposite party
McDonald is the arbitrator
Make a binding decision whether or not to fire Green
Continuance with current projections or to reach a compromise with something more realistic
Changing Green’s current work performance to incorporate some aspects of Davis’ feedback
Establish clear and distinctive job requirements that they must meet
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