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Communicable Disease - Contact Tracing

Communicable Disease - Contact Tracing

Maria Choi

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Communicable Disease - Contact Tracing

Measles 1-2 days prior to prodromal symptoms,
and lasting until 4 days after onset Period of Communicability: Fever
Cold symptoms
Koplik spots
Coryza Prodomal: Appears Day 3 - 7
Begins on face, then generalized - lasts 4-7 days Rash: Communicable Diseases Health care, schools, preschools Exclusion: 8-12 days (7-18 days) Incubation: 34 yr old
California resident Rash March 9 confirmed J. R.
Vancouver confirmed Prodromal March 7
Rash March 10 E. M.
(son of D. M.) clinical case Rash March 10
Infectious Period March 4-14
Refused to be tested D. M.
(mom) MMR x1 K. M.
(10 months,
daughter) lab confirmed L. H.
(3 yr old, son) lab confirmed L. G.
(5 yr old,
daughter) lab confirmed S. M.
(sister of D. M.) epi-link suspect Infectious Period March 15-25 D. M.
(5 yr old,
daughter of S. M.) symptomatic
suspect case Prodromal March 23
Rash March 26 school in Bella Coola
exclude from school
until April 4 M. M.
(59 yr old) Arrived from Bella Coola
March 23 J. M.
(brother of D. M.)
Mission Burnaby Hospital March 9, 10, 11 Burnaby Hospital March 13 & 18 E. M.
(7 yr old) confirmed Family School Waves
(1 hr at work) 5 staff,
20-25 people Infectious Period
March 10-22 W. A.
(Friend & housemate,
E. M.'s girlfriend) R. J.
Fort St. John & Hope
(Friend & housemate,
S. M.'s boyfriend) No immunization records A. G.
(Friend & housemate,
D. M.'s ex-husband &
L. G. 's father) No immunization records A. A.
(son) Verbal "Yes" to
immunizations from mom A. S.
(babysitter) 2x Immunizations House Visitors
March 6 House Visitors
March 18 House Visitors
March 12 R. H. Given MMR#2 S. H.
(10 yr old) MMR x2 S. H.
(8 yr old) MMR x1 given
March 22 E.
(5 yr old) MMR x1 given
March 22 M.
(2 yr old) MMR x1 given
March 22 J. S. Returned to
Bella Coola B. A. A. A.
(son of B. A.) MMR#1 A. S. Had 2 MMRs D. States has
had 2 MMRs A. A.
of A. S.) Had 2 MMRs J. A. In Bella Coola R. W. In Bella Coola M. M. Exposure March 20
Had 2 MMRs E. E. Immunized T. E. Immunized Housemates
of E. M. EMT Workers x2 workers EMT Workers x2 workers Firefighters March 22
MMR #2 March 22
MMR #2 March 22
MMR #2 Needs MMR
Done in Langley Nelson School Gr. 1 Class &
Contacts with L. G. J. C. March 20
MMR #2 given I. L. March 20
MMR #2 given N. T. Declines MMR K Class
March 15
Excluded from school
until April 6 L. A.
R. N.
D. C. School Teachers D. G. ? direct contact
MMR March 23 Done E. L. No direct contact
MMR March 23 Done J. B. No direct contact
(Considered immune
pre 1957)
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