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The difference between physical and technological resources.

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Azizur Chowdhury

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of The difference between physical and technological resources.

BTEC Business level 3
Physical and Technological Resources
Physical resources are resources that you can feel, move, smell etc. These are normally resources that are made by man and helps us do our daily activities much quicker and easier. Things like desks, chairs, floors and rooms.
Definition of physical and technological resources.
A physical resource in this store, which i have chosen, is the flooring. This is a physical resource because you can touch and feel the flooring.
Physical Resources
The computer is a physical resource but the software in it is a technological resource because you cannot physically touch it even though it is controlled by you. This is important to the business as it helps it run smoothly, makes your job easier and keeps a record of the business in a secured database. It also keeps you connected through the internet which is another technological resource.
Technological Resources
The difference between physical and technological resources is that you cannot feel, touch or smell a technological resource whereas with a physical resource you can.
Sometimes a physical resource can take longer to set up compared to technological resource.
Technological resources are becoming more and more important to businesses as the years go on. This is because it is helping business get bigger and better as it is becoming more easier to stay connected and advertise around the world.
Without physical resources some of the technological resources would not operate or even exist.
Difference Between Physical and Technological Resources
Technological resources are resources that help a business get a job done. Technological resources are very important for businesses now-a-days because it helps keep it running smooth, quick and easy. Technological resource are things like the internet, which help businesses in a major way, like marketing and staying connected. The main technological resources are time, knowledge, the internet and softwares.
Another physical resource is the shelving. The reason why this is a physical resource is because it is tangible, you can touch and move it wherever you like. This is important to the business because it attracts customers to see what else they can buy and this helps bring more money (profit) to the business.
The kitchen is a physical resource because it is a room crafted by man and you can add other physical resources to it. The reason why the kitchen is important to this business is that they produce some of the products they sell in order to keep the business running.
The pictures to the right are also physical resources (bathroom and storage room) because they are rooms. However the storage room is more important to business as it holds the items that the business is meant to have e.g the drinks and snacks.
CCTV is a technological resource as it shows digital playback for the security purposes of a business. This is important for a business because it prevents crime which could lead to major losses in a business.
Azizur Rahman Chowdhury
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