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Animal Farm

No description

jon s

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Ch 3-4
Ch 5-6
Ch 9-10
Ch 1-2
Ch 7-8
Animal Farm Timeline
Russian Revolution Ch 1-2
Chapter 1. The Russian population are ruled by Czar Nicholas.
A communist revolutionary named Vladimir Lenin calls the working class together and preached about the Bolshevik and how they're oppressed by the Czar and should overthrow him.
Animal Farm Chapter 1-2
Chapter 1. The animals are ruled on a farm by Jones.
A Boar named Old Major calls the animals together and gives a speech on how they are being oppressed by Jones and should overthrow him.
Russian Revolution Ch 3-4
Chapter 3. Trotsky and Stalin took
leadership roles, while the working class were still in the factories. Despite both leading the same political party the frequently disagreed on most topics
Animal Farm Chapter 3-4
Chapter 3. Pigs took leadership roles, while the animals
worked on farming. During the Sunday meetings, Napoleon and Snowball are the leaders of the debates. Snowball Formed Committees. The animals became literate to degrees, but the pigs were far better at it. The pigs also took the milk for themselves
Russian Revolution Ch 5-6
Chapter 5: The aristocrats flee to
neighboring countries to escape the factory work. New opposition political group forms against Stalinism. Stalin's 5 year farming plan begins, doesn't work. Trotsky is exiled from the soviet union.
Animal Farm Chapter 5-6
Russian Revolution Ch 9-10
Russian Revolution Ch 7-8
Animal Farm Chapter 7-8
Animal Farm Chapter 9-10
By: Ryan C, Victoria D, Anirudh L, Dante L, and Jon S
Chapter 2. Old Major died. Two pigs that are
introduced are Snowball and Napoleon. They give Major's ideals the name Animalism.
Tsar Nicolas II
Chapter 2. Vladimir Lenin died on January 21, 1924. Both
Joesph Stalin and Leon Trotsky are introduced and quickly rose to the forefront of the Communist Party.
Chapter 4. The rebellion against Mr. Jones is spread
to other farms by the pigeons, like Mr. Pilkington's and Mr. Frederick's farms. Simultaneously, Mr. Jones spends his time in the pub complaning about the trouble he's causing to the neighboring farms.
Chapter 4. The influence of the
Communism spreads to the United States and German public. Back in Russia Czar loyalist attempted to take back the country from the Communists
Chapter 5: Mollie left the farm. Snowball wants
to build a windmill, and Napoleon wants to increase field production. It was clear that, after a vote, Snowball had won. Napoleon then called the dogs that he had trained and had them chase snowball off the farm. Napoleon then took full charge of the farm.
Chapter 9: Boxer collapsed after
pushing himself too hard. Napoleon said he sent him to the veterinarian, but actually sold him to a knacker. Boxer was never seen again and the pig got whiskey for selling him.
Chapter 6: Windmill construction had started. Napoleon
started trading with other farms. Jones gave up in his attempts to recapture the farm. Some of the other farmers meet in a pub and say what they think will happen to animal farm. The windmill collapses halfway through the building of it. The pigs move into the farm house and start sleeping in beds.
Chapter 10: Muriel, bluebell, pincher, and Jessie
were all dead. Jones dies in an inebriates home. Clover is 2 years past his retirement time. The farm has expanded taking 2 of the Pilkington farms. They built a second windmill. The pigs start walking upright and wearing human clothing. At the end of the chapter, Napoleon changed the name back to manor farm and basically turned into Jones.
Chapter 7: The great starvation of millions was
due to Stalin's failed 5 year plan and his not trusting the peasants due to their lack of support and will to work for him. Stalin also began killing any person who didn't agree or opposed his rule making him a true dictator. Stalin's 5-year farming plan completely imploded due to the lack of work and cooperation. Stalin writes Trotsky out of the revolution.
Chapter 6: The Czar stopped attempting to reclaim
Russia while the US and Germany wonder about how the new government will last. Communist pockets sprout up in both countries causing accusations in court. Meanwhile, Russia technological advancement halted and Stalin tried to implement his 5-year farming plan.
Chapter 7: Food grows short in animal farm. Napoleon tries to trade
the hen's eggs but the hens protest against it. Nine hens die before the issue was resolved, and the eggs traded away. Napoleon also tells the farm that Snowball is secretly visiting at night and that he has been friendly with Mr. Jones. He also holds a meeting and executes the traitors of the farm. The singing of "Beast of England" is outlawed by the pigs, replaced by a poem.
Chapter 10: Tehran Conference, the leaders of the
US, UK, and the U.S.S.R. meet to create a peace after the war.
Chapter 8: Napoleon gives more work and less food to the animals and murders much
more animals. When the windmill gets finished, Napoleon tries to sell timber to Mr. Frederick and Mr. Frederick tries to pay him with check but Napoleon wanted cash. Then the animals find out that Fredrick's cash was fake. Napoleon orders for a death sentence. Fredrick and few other people destroy the windmill but at the end the animals gain control. Napoleon drinks too much and Muriel realizes a tweak in the commandment "No animals shall drink alcohol exess.
Chapter 8: Stalin continues to kill Russian citizens all while giving the alive
ones more work. Stalin attempted to trade with Germany but the deal failed and the countries became enemies. After Germany attempts an offensive Russia defends itself.

Chapter 9: Hitler breaks the agreement
between and Stalin causing the destruction
of Soviet industrial sites
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