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Alternative Rock: Music Video Conventions

No description

Alice Clark

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Alternative Rock: Music Video Conventions

Alternative Rock: Music Video Conventions After researching various genres, I came to the conclusion that my chosen song sounds like it fits into the Alternative Rock genre and sub-genre of 'Noise-Pop' Conventions Camera Editing Mise-
Scene Film
or outside Low key
lighting casually
dressed -
clothes Close-ups
of band Long
shots of
band Focus
instruments cuts
narrative Edits
to beats large
amount of
shots 30 Seconds To Mars 'Kings and Queens' This is a great example of an alternative rock video.
It keeps to the conventions of the genre. Although there isn't a direct
relationship between the lyrics, you can still make some metaphorical links. Many edits are made on the beats of the song. The band is shown frequently, particularly close-ups of the singer. A known 'motif' of the band is that all of their music videos are 'movie-like'. The 'notion of looking' can be recognised just before the car hits the boy; as we look through the windscreen of the car. The video claims to be a short film inspired by the song, rather than a music video. a pretty original idea if you ask me!
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