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My Big Campus Introduction

MBC Intro for New Teachers

Deborah Stanoch

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of My Big Campus Introduction

My Big Campus Overview
My Big Campus
The 3 C's of MBC

Looking for a way to connect with today's learners? My Big Campus provides mobile learning essentials: digital tools that stimulate collaboration and engagement in a safe learning environment. Students, parents and educators partner in a creative, social platform. Today you will explore MBC as a Learning Management System (Social Learning Platform) that provides communication (EduTalk, Messages, Discussions and Calendars), collaboration (Groups, and Drive), and content (Schoolwork, Bundles, Library, and Digital Monitoring).
How can I communicate within MBC? Let me count the ways!
1. EduTalk
2. Messages
3. Discussions
4. Calendars
My Big Campus allows collaboration with teachers in your school, district, state, and around the world. MBC allows you to share ideas and resources in a safe, controlled environment. Students can experience the same features allowing them to grow as global learners.
My Big Campus allows you to create interactive digital lessons that keep students engaged.
EduTalk allows you to collaborate with other teachers anytime, anywhere and on any topic. EduTalk is a special, staff-only feed with wall posts from non-student users. It is the perfect place to connect with other eductors on MBC to share best practices, innovative ideas, and begin to collaborate globally.
Messages allow you to communicate privately with any MBC user. This includes students. Students may also use this function to communicate with teachers and other students.
Discussions can be used in the obvious way of collaborating and communication. However, if you think outside the box, you can come up with some great ways to use discussions in both an online and blended course environment.

One idea: Discussions are a great way for students to share their creations for other students to view and learn from, as well as parents to see what their kids are learning and doing in school

Another idea: Voice is sometimes more powerful then writing. Use a website such as Croak.It to record or have your students record their discussion post.

One more possibility: Students can use the discussion feature to blog in the classroom, use as book groups, and the list continues!
Each teacher is a member of the district group as well as your individual school group. As a teacher you will want to create groups for your classes. Groups are a communication tool as well allowing you to post announcements, discussions, and events so that others can see them and be a part of the learning.
Drive is your home base for creating, storing, and organizing documents. You have the ability to quickly upload documents, photos, and videos with an easy drag and drop feature. You can use uploaded files in bundles to share with your students or collaborate with colleagues through MBC docs. Use the new folders feature to organize content and then quickly search for content specific information by utilizing the filter feature. The drive has UNLIMITED file storage so there is no need to worry about lack of space for all of your resources.
Adding events to the calendar allows your students to keep up with assignments and activities going on in class. It also allows parents to be more involved because they will know when assignments are due and what students are doing in class. Events can be filtered by schoolwork, personal events, and group events.

MBC Schoolwork allows for a variety of ways for you to engage your students.
-Quiz (Tests)
-Practice Quiz
-Anonymous Survey
-Simple Assignment

MBC Allows you to:
-Attach documents, videos, web links (Drive, Bundles, Library items, new photos and files)
-Create discussions based upon the assignment.
-Students can collaborate and can ask questions about the assignment.
-Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill in the Blank can be auto graded/instant results.
-Create question groups to allow multiple versions of tests - create semester exams

Increases Parent Involvement with the classroom happenings
Age appropriate material for students
Homework resource for students at home
Helps teachers with planning and presenting curriculum
Huge library of resources (videos, schoolwork, etc) for teachers to add to bundles
Safe learning environment
Easy to share and collaborate content with other teachers
Students can create and share bundles for group projects and individual learning
Can be used for eportfolios for students, professional portfolios for teachers, and PD for teachers
The Library is like the Pinterest of MBC! Thousands of resources available for use including:
MBC Docs
6 Levels of Digital Monitoring
Bob Campus (24/7)
Lightspeed Filter
Classroom Teacher
Building Administrator
District Administrator
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