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Library Media

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of dogs

what is a dog?
a dog is a furry animal. That is about as big as a tiger.It is a very playful animal.It is ushly called a mans best friend which in my case it is true.
do dogs dream?
yes dogs dream...If you thot no you are yroung and right.Because some dream and move in there sleep.Some just like to sleep and close there eyes and think of there human.
what is in dogs food?
this is what is in dog food... plump chiken,cut beef,grains,lots of meat,lots of caliores and fat.
do dogs fite?
yes they do fite.Some dogs play fite.Some fite to proteck there owner.Some fite if they have rabbies.
how do dogs play?
dogs play bye biting and playing tuguwore.Some play bye runing and bye chasing.
the color of a dog.
the colors are black,white,gold,gold/red,tan,white ish gold ish.
thank you for watching

dog facts
dog facts
Gracie S.
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