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History of advertising

No description

Sam Brown

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of History of advertising

Advertising has been around for thousands and thousands of years (700 bc.) . Our journey through time actually begins with one of the first known civilization in record, in Mesopotamia. Presentation By
Dorsett Watson
Samueal Brown
Nashali Rivera The very first form of advertisement was vocal; people would yell across streets selling their brand or store. They are called street barkers The next form of advertising from ancient times, were posters and signs. These poster were mostly filled with pictures due to the low literacy rate at that time 15th,16th,and 17th centuries At this point in history printing has finally been developed Newspaper advertising were also on the rise, usually selling books or medicine Ads at this time were pretty straight forward and to the point. The 19th century Even video ads on video ads Advertisement sky rocketed and is seen on billboards, computers (websites), magazines, cars, TV, and testimonials. TV advertisement Testimonial ads Billboard ads Website ads Car ads Magazine ads By the 19th Century, advertising becomes more complex due to the Industrial Revelation In 1905 the first testimonial was given by the silent movie actor Fatty Arbuckle on Murad Cigarettes 1917 the American Association of advertising agencies is formed As business began to grow, an increase of advertising seem to grow with it. Ads become more colorful and creative. As advertising grew so did untruthful and deceptive ads, that could easily fool a consumer So the Wheeler- lea act of 1938 was formed to help to declare these ads and practices "unlawful". Tom Barratt : The father of modern advertising. He marketed a brand called pear soap and he put a lot more emphasis on Effective advertising. 20th century 21st century 1920's: During the World War ads where used as propaganda 1950's: TV came in the picture and more creative ads which is called the Creative Revolution Consumers have more disposable income, so more luxury items are made, because of this more advertising was needed Food ads
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