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Training Development Plan


marwa haj hamid

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Training Development Plan


is necessary to cope with modernity, especially in large companies that operate in telecommunications field as

Also development is an essential need of sections that are responsible for balance and stability between several departments as
ning Sec

Two of the most important areas that requires developments are
communication channels
between CC Training with other departments and
work files documentation

in training section

To make this adjustment we had to create a special page for Training section exists within customer care main Web site cc_web_tool, called
cc training web page

This page will contain the following headings

All Training Generalizations

Add Question

Questions and Answers archive

Tasks Schedules

Missions Schedule

Classes’ Progress

Classification is done of all 150 services & features within 12 specific classes that has unique title and includes related services

This Classification will help in distribution of services when planning for new session : 12/4 rather than 150/4 which takes a lot of time and effort

Each trainer is responsible for a specific number of classes called Group A,B,C,D for six months

Delivering topics to new comers must be in the following order postpaid > prepaid : A> B> C> D

The responsibility of a trainer regarding his own classes is to:

1) Update information on all hand book pages
2) Monitor MTN web site & MTN application to ensure the accuracy of information
3) Update questions in

quiz system
4) Follow all new modification on services
5) Teach all the services and perform a final test to newcomers
6) Maintain and update the

services’ booklets
7) Prepare presentations to specific topics upon request

CC Training Team
Training Development Plan
Communication Channels
The current Quiz System has been
updated to the latest version
of the system itself
teaching and explaining services in classes will be by reviewing hand book or presentations on screen , hand writing is for exceptional cases only

Instead of implementing everyday quiz for new comers witch takes daily effort ,one quiz will be scheduled after teaching a whole class e.g. when a trainer finished teaching (( Bills )) he will prepare one quiz that covers 15 services

Average test scores must be included in
trainer’s IPF
since he was in charge of teaching this class

Whole session details will be registered and documented in our electronic site "
CC Training web page


Tasks that carried out by the Training team are
different, sensitive and provide balance and stability in customer care
division in General

Old methods of communication and training are not useful any more with all the changes around us, starting with

new strategy
and ending with MTN new
products & services’ types

All this force us to develop our working Methods and Tools, permanently
And set a clear plan that defined all the needed changes in hope that the impact of this change will appear in customer care division as a whole

Training sessions and classes
1) New Web Tool
2) CC Training Web Page
2) CC Training Web Page

All Generalizations


appear within a specific display page with permanent availability and accessibility for users ,rather than emails which can be lost or forgotten also we can use video technology shown in the web tool homepage to view all updates when needed

• All data are documented and accessible to the largest segment of staff at the same time which makes Referring to a specific information easy for everyone at all times with distinct searching feature

Add Question
: asking questions or sending inquiries is through our website via clicking "add questionد"

Questions and Answers
: questions sent to us can be viewed by all users as well as our response which reduces the possibility of repeating the same questions via clicking " Q & A "

• And once a question is sent we will receive automatically an e-mail as a training team that e-mail includes question details and a link directing to the answering page
• Training team
becomes more easy because of the ability to know the speed and quality of any reply referring to questions archive on site ...
Working tools
work files documentation
2) CC Training Web Page

Class’s progress:

classes’ progress and details i.e. Time, Date, Location, Departments, Grades, Surveys and Final evaluation are recorded and archived under
serial number
in our website for new comers or existing employees so
tracking targets, progress, surveys results would be easier

Tasks Classification:

by tasks we mean all services , features and links on web tool,
solid & clear reference of responsibilities
is our main benefit from documentation all tasks schedules and work files within the team

Current missions
Because we have about 10 different missions i.e.: tests, offers, new services .... etc.
which can be assigned to one member at once we designed a table that shows progress and preparation of the tasks assigned to each person and add this table to our web site to stay on track

when assigning an offer to staff member on web site an email will be sent automatically to him with mission details / And he can modify the task status depending on the progress: pending MK , launched, postponed ….. etc.
3) New Quiz System
Many advantages including flexibility to modify and add questions ... also this release provides new types and options of questions as shown below
Questions bank has been transferred
from the previous version and we are working to update and add new questions in accordance with new available types
Working tools
4) Hand Book App
In all training courses as it is supposed to, trainees should be handled a
contains the substances to be addressed within the course and because of the difficulty of giving new comers all service pages that exceeds 1000 pages at once our plan is to Develop a secure application that includes handbook pages
has the ability to be installed on cellphones , with a secure username and password
5) New Presentation Software
Training sessions and classes
The current
CC Web tool
is old and difficult software full with outdated links and pages.
It’s difficult to search by user, and to update by admin

Working tools
Working tools
Working tools
Working tools
1) Team Members
We have an urgent need to recruit for
TWO New Trainers
, to join training team…
also we currently need
IT qualified member to join the cc support team temporarily, for a period of three months because of the size , number of requests and required changes in training section
knowing that during the last three months
requests have been sent and solved by cc support team
3) Training Halls
A basic need in training section is to have a training hall
there is always a possibility of having 2 or 3 training sessions at one time ,Making it difficult for us to arrange
Note that currently we do not have our own training Hall we deliver our courses in other departments meeting rooms to meet our target
My experience in Training team
So far I have spent 4 months in training section, during these months we performed a variety of tasks, including regular or special tasks witch gave me a full idea and perspective about the work functions and training section objectives

Please find below a brief description of what has been achieved during those three months

All of the above led me to conceive a new vision of how to do things better and more professional to increase efficiency at work
This development must be divided into a clear, specific and scheduled steps should cover the following areas:
We have implemented 3 training courses for MTN and Onecom with total of 27 new employees

TNA report was finally delivered in 15 June 2014 , According to the fact that this report is the basis of the work plan .... training schedule and plan was delayed

Three training session is delivered for
exciting Employees on the following topics :

RBT Cross Selling
40 emp.
Operating System for smart phones & MTN Digital Media
56 emp.
Mini CSC for dealers
27 emp.
to reach our target we have to train
existing employees till the end of 2014

Now we are preparing other training courses about MTN ISP, Tariff Bundles, RBT Experts , you may hit next slide to view the rest of our plan

in addition to the regular monthly Quiz we prepared 4 special tests :

I - information test for all CSC staff in Damascus & Aleppo total of
II - information and English level test for all Onecome staff
III - information and English level test for candidates to Head Teller position in Damascus
IV. Four tests to measure the candidates’ Intelligence, Leadership style , Management skills and information level for Supervisor promotion in Damascus

over 100 questions by customer care staff have been all covered
25 new offers have been tasted and released
37 communication e-mails were sent by training team to cover offers, modifications or new services
10 new services were launched
12 modifications on existing services were applied
6 new competitions and projects are under testing or launched
4000 requests have been sent and solved by support team
2) TNA Survey

We'll add TNA Survey link to
cc training page
January first

after reviewing and modifying the question
Results of this questionnaire must be ready by February 15 ,, so we can schedule more effective action plan

Thank you
The end
6) MTN Whats APP
5) Skills Training
Training should not be limited on delivering services and features , training section also can present at least twice a year training on job skills, especially those are required in customer care field such as: communication, listening, cooperation and dealing with dissatisfied customers and we can rely on e-live as a source of information
is a suggestion to improve communication and add a new Chanel to reach all customers using this APP.

All links validity and relevance were reviewed and checked enabling users always to receive valid and clear information

In general it will include ; Hand Book, Quiz System, Links, Offer Page, and Quality Page in addition to new CC Training Page

In the coming phases we can give other department’s authority to add, modify and display their own pages and sharing files through passing words.
Adoption of the new software in presentations such Prezi to communicate information in an attractive manner
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