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Inputs, outputs and storage devices

GCSE ict

Harriet Searjeant

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Inputs, outputs and storage devices

Input Devices. Output
Devices. . . Storage Devices CD Hard Drive USB Stick A CD can be used by a musician to burn their music onto. A hard drive can be very useful to everyone, you are likely to see every workman/woman have one as they are the main storage device on a computer. Speakers These can be used by musicians so they can listen back to their music in a loud and clear way. Headphones These can be used by people who make hand free calls in offices, so they can hear their client talking. Printer These can be used by Teachers at schools to print off any worksheets/information they/their pupils may need. Monitors These can be used by
office workers that use computers. Gamers may use this for game testing Joystick... Keyboard Keyboards can be used by office workers for inserting information into a computer. Graphics Tablet
Artists may use this for their different pieces of art work. These can be used by many people, from your average
person on their PC at home to an office worker. Mouse Scanner... Scanners can be used in a workplace for example
an artist , this way they can scan their artwork into
the computer to get a digital version of it. Plotter This is a computer
printer for printing
vector graphics,
geographers may choose
to use this to maybe predict earthquakes A USB stick can be used by a student to save their work on. Cloud Computing.
A busy work person is likely
to have this e.g a Managing
director of a company who is
always traveling as it helps
you to access things quickly
when you're 'out and about'. Hardware Connections Ethernet Ethernet can be used by students who often go on the internet, this is a wired connection. USB A USB flash drive is a data storage device, including a memory stick which can be used by a business manager for storing a lot of data on, but take up little space Fiber optic communication.
This uses light through an optical fiber for transmitting information. Wireless Connections WIFI WIFI can be used by many people all over the world for wireless internet connections. Bluetooth Bluetooth can be used for transferring media.
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