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Research Report

History Of Makeup

traina harris

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Research Report

MAKEUP Ancient Egyptains created the worlds first cosmetics The pros and cons of makeup In 1915 lipstick was first sold in the push up tubes Today multibillion dollar cosmetics industries must meet strict government regulations about what can and can not be included in their products. "The best thing is too look natural but it
takes makeup to look natural".-Calvin Klein example : "Question that guide" Women used matches to darken their eyes Women used berries to stain their lips Women also used young boys urine to fade their freckles They also used Ox blood in a misguided attempt to improve their complexions Some women use leaches to get a pale apperence Lip gloss was invented in 1930 and went
on sale in 1932 Today the most serious injury is that you can get a rash from makeup. In 1820 Rimmel created the first non-toxic mascara Makeup has been around for 6,000 years 1.The purpose of our artifact to enhance the beauty of the face. 2.The original inventor was Egyptians 3.Makeup was originally created from natural materials like coal and berries. Todays makeup is manufactured into products like mascara , foundation and pigmented eyeshadows 4.Some of the inovations that makeup has undergone since its orginal product is cosmetic tattooing . By : Sofia and Traina 5.Agriculture technology best classfies makeup. Agriculture classifies makeup because some of the ingredients are made from nature. 6.Makeup has impacted society in a positive way by making women feel better about their selves. 7. Makeup has impacted society in a negative way because it is filled with chemicals and could cause you to get a rash. eyeshadow science
the discovery of mica
and the fact that it will
add luster to eyeshadow technology
creating a powder that gives color to your eyes enineering
designing an attractive case to hold the shadow/powder in. math
to find the length ,diameter,
and amount of powder in the
case. how people work together to create makeup makeup can hide flaws
highlights your best features
makeup shows that you care about your looks cons makeup can be expensive to buy
can clog your pores causing breakouts pros fun facts A film director named D.W Griffth invented
false eyelashes in 1932
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