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Win-gineers week 2: Bridges and Cars

No description

Darin Gray

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Win-gineers week 2: Bridges and Cars

Win-gineers week 2: bridges and cars
Adrian, Erica, Jenelle, Kuner, Nick,
The Plan
Split into two teams
Bridge Team:
Jenelle, Nick
Car Team:
Adrian, Erica, Kuner
Divide and conquer

Bridge: Westpoint Bridge Builder paper sketch scale model full scale bridge

Car: Vex Kit basic foundation brick box the brain/ antennea repairing weight distribution
The Process
Individual Breakdown:
car & bridge building/ coding/ repair
car design/ building/ repair/ bridge floor/ prezi
bridge design/ materials organization/ bridge (all)
car design/ car building/ car coding/ weight distribution repair/ cross beams
bridge materials organization/ bridge set up/ bridge building (all)
Successes and Obstacles
teamwork and communication
compilation of ideas
groups completed tasks to maximize efficiency
bridge had strong, clean paper design ease in building
car was more difficult due to less planning beforehand
one motor was inverted
repair for weight distribution
no dimensions beforehand was difficult for bridge design
Lessons Learned
Communicate peacefully
Balance teams for maximum efficiency and skill optimization
Compromise and communication are key
Teamwork makes the dream work
Familiarity with materials
hot glue hurts(and Jenelle's like dead serious, it hurts)
Balsa is weak
design > materials
Improvement Moving Forward
Increase communication before building
Continue the method of divide and conquer
Index materials before starting the building process
allows for faster building (not waiting for materials)
ensure all needed materials are available
Principles & Core Ideas Used:

Civil Engineering
Forces (Tension,Compression)
Mechanical Engineering
This Week
Westpoint Bridge Designer
^^^our future bridge design
We learned the basics of bridge building such as the cost of materials and the importance of managing the tension and compression of each individual part of the bridge.
Bridges break easily.

Visiting a Lab on Campus
This lab is working to develop waste water treatment methods.
Incubator allows containing of toxic materials/ gases
Did it work?
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