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katrina taberna

on 10 February 2010

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Transcript of USH_1920s_ktaberna

US History- 1920's
By: Katrina Taberna
USH Block 1
2/1/10 Radio Comes of Age Crystal radio- used a lead galena crystal and a cat whisker as an antenna; weak earphones Most radios were battery operated w/ 3 dials & 5 identical tubes --boosted public popularity of radio Other radios were built w/ a "cathedral" & "tombstone" style & other had a saxophone head like structure that served as speakers on top of a rectangular wooden box. Radio was the most powerful communications medium to emerge in the 1920s.
Radio networks created something new in the US - the shared nat'l experience of hearing news as it happened. The wider world opened up to Americans Listeners could "tune in" for news, advertisements; entertainment. >Radio was a formal affair. Although announcers & musicians had no audience, theys still wore their finest attire. School Enrollments No longer 1, but 4 mil American students attended highschool b/c of prosperous times & higher edu. standards for industry jobs.
started offering broad range of courses (ex. vocational training).
immigrants' children filled city classrooms; spoke no English- challenge for teachers but eventually made them literate
taxes to finance schools went up
school costs doubled in 1913-1920 & 1926; $2.7 billion/year

crystal radio battery operated cathedral radio "saxophone" like radio children tuning in >Students got punshed for doing simple things like spelling words wrong or having blotches of ink on their work. class in 1920's Kiama Public School Sports Heroes Baseball: 1920's ball rule changed
it was a "rooting-tooting time"
93 mil fans attended games
Babe Ruth- NY Yankees star hit a record of 60 homeruns in 1927, Americans went wild. Tennis: mainly run by lawn tennis associations; media publicity ensured large crowds
Helen Wills- dominated women's tennis; won singles title at US Open 7 times & Wimbledon title 8 times
"Little Miss Poker Face" Swimming: ethnic associations & settlement houses built swimming pools & est. competitions
Gertude Ederle- at 19, became the 1st woman to swim the English Channel. >1920's was known as "The Golden Age of Sports." People rallied around their favorite athletes similarly to how they rallied around troops during war. baseball- Babe Ruth tennis- Helen Wills swimming- Gertude Ederle The Airplane In addition to just being weapons of war, airplanes were now used to carry "Air Mail" and served as entertainment (stunts) Airplanes were capable of flying longer distances and carrying heavier loads at first used wood & canvas; then all metal airplanes became the norm. >Charles A. Lindhbergh- small-town pilot who made the 1st nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic; stood for bravery & honesty Air Mail Airplane Charles A. Lindbergh Entertainment Top artists & writers: Eugene O'Neill, Edward Hopper, Georgia O'Keeffe, Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, Edna Millay, Erbnest Hemingway
They wrote about modern isolation, confusion, family conflict, conformity & amterialism, negativity of the period's gaiety & freedom, modern & traditional clash of values, youth & life of inde. & freedom from trad. limits, glorification of war Painters focused on realities & dreams, loneliness of American life, empty streets & solitary people, grandeur of NY Photographers took pictures of mostly married couples, children; women wearing flappers & entertainers Popular movies: The Jazz Singer, Steamboat Willie, Nanook of the North, the Covered Wagon Movies cost about 27 cents >The first air-conditioned movie theater was built way back in 1922. It's also amazing how cheap movies were back then compared to now. 1920s photograph of a lady Disney's Steamboat Willie F. Scott Fitzgerald & wife, Zelda George Gershwin Music jazz, ragtime, broadway
an ardent, collective music was coming to place an increasing emphasis on the novelty of takented individuals
The 1910's was known as the Ballroom Decade. Many songs of the 1910's were made popular due to WWI. Big musicians of 1920's: George Gershwin,Duke Ellington, Al Jolson, Bing Crosby
Big bands of 1920's: Louis Armstrong’s Hot Fives & Sevens, Paul Whiteman & Orchestra; Ambrose & Orchestra >Most of the dance bands & hotel orchestras consisted of as many as 11 people, while others only had 5. Duke Ellington Al Jolson Ambrose & Orchestra The Harlem Renaissance Harlem Renaissance: the rise of African American artistic creativity during 1920's in Harlem of NYC (literary & artistic movement celebrating AA culture).
It was different than the changes going on in other big cities of the 1920's in a way that it focused on destroying racial barriers. It honored and celebrated the talents & accomplishments that the AA had to offer. It brought out happiness & pride to AA.
It was similar to changes in other big cities in a way that it gave rise to a rich new culture that focused on music, art, literature. These cities all tried to find a common ground among all Americans.
Big names: Claude McKay (urged AA to resist prejudice & discrimination), Langston Hughes (poet who wrote about difficult lives of working-class AA), Jacob Lawrence (painter who informed many of struggles & happiness of the renaissance), James Van Der Zee (photographer who pursued his dream; works depicted women & children). >Harlem became the world's largest black urban community with people from the South, West Indies, Cuba, Puerto Rico; Haiti. Cotton Club of Harlem in NYC. Claude McKay One of Jacob Lawrence's paintings Langston Hughes Works Cited:

http://razor-kissed-wrists.deviantart.com/art/Harlem-Renaissance-finished-75243798 http://xroads.virginia.edu/~ug00/3on1/radioshow/1920radio.htm
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