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The Masque of the Red Death

No description

Nick Ziner

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Masque of the Red Death

The Masque Of The Red Death
By: Edgar Allan Poe Summary Symbols Literary Conventions 1. A narrator that is not named.

2.Geographic movement downward

3. Use of colors and/or numbers

4. Horror is grotesque (physical)
Question Time 1. Do you think that Prince Prospero and his guests were a fool for going after the Red Death?

The Masque of the Red Death is about a 'Red Death' that has been killing people and has devastated the country The protagonist is Prince Prospero With the outbreak of the 'Red Death' he has a castle for himself and his 1000 friends of the court sealed off from the world, while everyone else suffers. The purpose of this castle was that the 'Red Death' was not in it. •Five to six month after the castle is built and the prince has been living in it with his 1000 friends he decides to host a masked ball of "unusual magnificence'. •The narrator begins to talk about the seven different and unusual rooms in the palace.
•The narrator begins to talk about the seven different and unusual rooms in the palace.

The first one is blue The second purple The third green The forth orange The fifth white The sixth violet oThe last one was the only one not to correspond with window colors and decorations.
It was black decorations but the window panes were scarlet- a deep blood color. Also no one came into this room because it was so scary looking to the guest.
•After the narrator finishes describing every room he explains the clock.

Every hour the clock would chime and the orchestra and everyone stops and everyone turned pale but they say the next time that the clock strikes they will not stop, but they still stop the next time it chimes.
•When clock struck midnight and everyone got quiet but there was a person that no one noticed before.
•It looks like someone that has died of the 'Red Death'. Prospero finally sees the guest and is shocked that someone wore that and demands that someone seizes him and removes his mask, but everyone is to afraid to do it even the Prince himself
The figure passes by the Prince He heads to the black room, and has to walk through all the different rooms. In a fit of rage the Prince grabs his dagger and follows him Just as he reaches the guest and the black room the guest turns around and faces the Prince, then the Prince falls to the ground dead. The crowd goes after the guest only to find out that there is nothing behind the mask and costume. The 'Red Death' itself has come to the party. One by one the guests all die spilling their blood over the rooms and the candles go out leaving only, "darkness, decay, and the Red Death" 3. What is the lesson or moral of the story that Poe is trying to convey? 2. What is the significance of the Red Death coming into the closed off castle?
The seven colored rooms The clock The Red Death
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