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In What Ways Did The Japanese Occupation Changed The Lives O

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Mohan Kishore

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of In What Ways Did The Japanese Occupation Changed The Lives O

-Shortly after the Japanese Occupation, schools were reopened.The new curriculum required children to learn Japanese, because of this, many parents took their children out of school.

-Before Japanese Occupation, people used the currency provided by the British government.
- During the Japanese Occupation, when the Japanese ruled Singapore, they used Japanese currency.
-The government made the whites more important, as the British thought that whites were superior.

-The Japanese created an 'Asia for Asians' and overthrew the British rule, making asians more significant than the whites.
Treatment of the Japanese
-Before the Japanese Occupation, when the British was still ruling, the British did not treat the teenagers of Singapore like the Japanese did during the Japanese Occupation. After the British declared defeated, the Japanese tied teenagers to trees during the military operation in the picture.
Jeriel, Kishore, Dexter Ong, Luke
Thank You
In What Ways Did The Japanese Occupation Changed The Lives Of People In Singapore?
Treatment of the Japanese
-Before the Japanese Occupation, teenagers of Singapore did not see the British as rulers. During the Japanese Occupation, the British were sent behind bars and became Prisoners-Of-War and the teenagers wanted them to rule Singapore again.
Before the Japanese Occupation people got enough food and money but during Japanese Occupation, when the Japanese started ruling, food became more demanding than money as food shortage occurred.

They also wanted people to learn ,and be able to speak Japanese. So, they printed Japanese lessons in local Newspapers.
Source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-mrn0vRnma4k/USDfGBB4dLI/AAAAAAAAAE0/vRmTeX6XeiE/s1600/nipponl.jpg
Personal response
The Japanese were very cruel. However, I felt that it was quite nice of them to provide education to the Singaporeans at that time. Even though the children that were attending school were forced to learn Japanese, it was better than receiving no education at all.

-Dexter Ong
Personal Response.
I feel that the japanese were harsh towards the people of Singapore and the POW as they were being tortured
Personal Response:
I learned that the british were awfully biased to whites, but the japanese created a country where its asians over whites.
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