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Nadia The Willful

No description

Erin Forsberg

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Nadia The Willful

Nadia the Willful

By Sue Alexander
Nadia the Willful
is a story about a girl whose brother, Hamed goes out into the desert and never comes back. Assuming he is dead, Nadia and her father Tarik ban anyone from saying Hamed's name in their little town ever again. After time Nadia began to speak of Hamed to the towns people and found that talking about it helped her.
The conflict in this story is man vs man. Nadia wanted to talk about her brother Hamed because it made her feel better but Tarik banned his name from being spoken in their little town ever again. Nadia talked to her father about how talking about Hamed helped keep his face in their minds and Tarik agreed.
What is the setting? How does the setting effect the story?
The setting of the story is a small town located somewhere in the desert. This affects the story because if Hamed had gone out into any other setting it would not have been as dangerous and he might not have died. The story says, "The land of the drifting sands, the desert." that is how I know that the story takes place in the desert.
Who is the Protagonist and Antagonist?
The protagonist in the story is Nadia. Nadia is trying to talk about her brother Hamed so she can remember him and keep his image in her mind. The antagonist, her father Tarik, tries to ban Hamed's name from ever being spoken again in their small town. Nadia talked about Hamed even though her father was strongly against it.
Plot Diagram
Rising Action
Falling Action
Nadia the Willful
Characters: Nadia, Tarik, Hamed

Setting: small town in the desert
The climax of the story is when Tarik catches the young shepherd saying Hamed's name. When's he's about to banish him from their small town, Nadia talked to him about how it helps to talk about it.
The resolution of the story is when Nadia begins to tell her father about her memories with Hamed and Hamed's face and voice appears in both of their heads.
Rising Action
Falling Action
The theme of the story is that death is part of living and you should know that it will happen. I also think the theme is that talking about your problems to someone else could help you handle them better. I know this because Tarik didn't want to talk about Hamed and was really sad. When he did start to talk about him, he felt a lot better because Hamed's image and voice was in is head.
Written by
Sue Alexander
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