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Plant Cell/House Comparison

No description

Erin McGrane

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell/House Comparison

Lysosome If a cell were a house,
the walls, floors, and ceiling would be the cell wall because they keep everything in the house inside, just like the cell wall keeps all the organelles inside the cell. Cell Wall Cell Membrane The Cell Membrane would be
the doors and the screens (on the windows). The cell membrane is a semi-permeable barrier, meaning that some things can get through and some can't. For example, only people who have the right key can open the door. Also, with the screens, air can get in, but flies and bees can't. Cytoplasm The Cytoplasm
would be the carpeting. The Cytoplasm is the goo that all the organelles reside in, and all the furniture and stuff in the house kind of sit there in the carpeting. Nucleus The nucleus would be my mom. The nucleus controls the cell, and my mom controls my house. Vacuole The vacuole would
be the closets and pantries. The vacuole holds random things that the cell needs, and closets and pantries can hold anything you feel like putting in them, like food or clothes. Mitochondrion The mitochondrion would be the kitchen. It produces energy for the cell to use, and the kitchen produces food, energy for humans. Golgi (apparatus) The Golgi (apparatus) would be my dad. The Golgi sorts and packages macromolecules to get them ready to transport. My dad does the same sort of thing, he's in charge of kind of organizing/sorting things around the house. Lysosome The Lysosome would be the trashcans, the recycle, and the compost. The Lysosome kills bacteria and holds it in plus other waste, and we dispose of our waste by putting it in one of the above options. If A Plant Cell Were A House... By: Erin M. If you had a herd of cattle in your yard, it would be them. If not, just the kitchen, like the Mitochondrion. Ribosomes synthesize proteins, and cattle make milk, which is full of protein. Also, in the kitchen you can make proteins with different types of dairy, like cheese or milk. Ribosomes Endoplasmic Reticulum Rough Smooth The Rough ER would be hallways filled with cattle. This wouldn't be a very good example, because it isn't a very vast network. A lot of people travel down them, though! The Rough ER is like smooth, except with ribosomes. The Smooth ER would be just plain hallways. The ER is a vast network of tubing that things the cell needs travel down. Chloroplast The Chloroplasts would be solar panels, if you had any, or houseplants if not. The Chloroplasts convert sunlight into energy, and both houseplants and solar panels do this same job.
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