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Why I Fight by: J. Adams Oaks

No description

Karissa Porterfield

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of Why I Fight by: J. Adams Oaks

Why I Fight J. Adams Oaks Main Characters? Wyatt Reaves Uncle Spade Lynnesha Fever and Ma http://jadamsoaks.com/blog/images/2.jpg Sources: Uncle Spade Problem Solution Setting All over the U.S. Wyatts uncle wants him to fight for money
Wyatt decides he doesnt want to fight anymore
Wyatt misses his mom and dad Wyatt decides to go back home
He and his dad build a parking lot Project by:
Karissa Porterfield http://i.treehugger.com/files/population-density-us.jpg Summary:) Wyatt was going to be put in a group home,when he was 12, but his uncle came and sneaked him out of the shelter. His uncle was a traveling salesman, but he didn't work for a company. He sold all kinds of things(good and bad). When Uncle Spade realized Wyatt would be a good fighter(during an event that happened-you'll have to read the book-), Uncle Spade decided to have Wyatt fight for money. Wyatt was going to be put in a shelter because he ___________ sorry I can't tell you...you'll have to read the book:) This is a great book and I recommend everyone reads it:)!!!!! Main Character
Very tall (6")
Confused Wants to get alot of money
Has a "lady friend" almost everywhere he goes
Takes care of Wyatt throughout the book
Not a good role model...He drinks and smokes One of Uncle Spade's lady friends
Wyatt and Uncle Spade stay with her many times throughout the book
She doesn't like Spade that much because he always throws parties at her house an brings people in that never want to leave
Even though she doesn't like Spade she still acts like she does
Wyatt and her become good friends Are Wyatt's parents
Wyatt calls his dad Fever because he couldn't pronounce father when he was little so fever became his nickname
Wyatt loves his parents but also hates them
They aren't the best parents either
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