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Summative Assessment

No description

Marvic Cardenas- Gallegos

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Summative Assessment

Maricella is a pregnant 16 year- old. She doesn’t want her baby at first, but soon changes her mind for a second, but is not a full choice. I think all the things people say, are what make her feel bad and not make her want her baby. The things she said about people is "If you're a mexican, the Cubans and Puerto Ricans hate you because they think you snuck in legally and they didn't. Which they would have if they could have walked. If you're a teenager, the whole world hates you. If you're a pregnant teenager, people think you should be burned at stake." Based on that, she is pretty funny, why wouldn't anybody like her. She might not sound very nice, but I would stand up for her.
Explanation Of Scene
Literary Elements
Mariecella didn’t want her baby she described when she felt like, she says it like if people hate her and I think that was what made her not want her baby. But she shouldn't believe what other people say. Pg. 66- 67 L. 1- 29
Marvic Cardenas- Gallegos
Maricella is a Self- Absorbed person because she doesn't care about her baby, she only cares about how she looks. I know it would hurt to hear what other people think, but you shouldn't care. It would only hurt you more if you care what other people think. That's what I would say, and based on what I have heard or done.
Characterization: She is a pregnant 16 year- old.

Theme: You shouldn't Care What Other people think.
Seedfolks: Maricella
Personal Connection:
My mom was pregnant, but she wanted the baby.
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