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Ten songs that represent 'Their Eyes were Watching God"

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Jaymee Jones

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Ten songs that represent 'Their Eyes were Watching God"

Ten songs that represent 'Their Eyes were Watching God"
Say Something by Christina Aguilera
Janie's love for Joe was slowly fading away. She didn't really love him anymore..."her love for Joe was shattered". Eventually in their relationship the love was no longer strong, she thought Joe would turn out to be the person she had painted in her imagination.
Compass by Lady Antebellum
Janie never really followed her heart. She would always let her mind/imagination take control over her heart. She always jumped right into relationships because she wanted to find this "perfect guy" that she had pictured in her head. If she did follow her heart than maybe she would have found the right person that was really there all along.
Good Life by One Republic
The first time Janie laid her eyes on Tea Cake she thought he was "the one". The guy that she had been looking for all of her love life. When Janie and Tea Cake moved from Eatonville to the Everglades, it was going to be a new beginning/life for them.
Here Comes Your Man by Meaghan Smith
A bittersweet song that represents the time when Joe hit Janie. She thought the person that loved her would never hit her. The lyrics represent that Janie does not love Joe anymore and is waiting to "someday find the love she is looking for". This is postmodernism because its showing that you have to believe in what you submitted yourself to but not necessarily submit yourself to it.
Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
All the towns people always had something to say about Janie. In the beginning of the book when Janie went back to Eatonville, they were talking about how the man she was with only used her for her money. Also at the end of the book when she ran off with Tea Cake they did not agree with the choices she was making. All this trash they were talking about her she did not let it affect her.
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
After everything Janie went through , she always had remained stable. She learned from her past and made a better outcome from it. After Tea Cake died Janie realized that the only man that ever would love her, she killed. She became stronger in the end and finally realized that she can be independent and don't need a man to make her happy.
Let Me Love You NeYo
Janie's entire life she was looking for love. Instead of looking at men for who they were, she had a picture painted in her head. The picture wasn't very idealistic, so she was never happy. Janie just wanted someone to love her for who she was and in the mix of it, she forgot to love herself.
Paradise by Cold Play
Janie's whole life she dreamed of unrealistic things. She was stuck in a fantasy and when did not want to wake up. She wanted to live in this fantasy world where she would marry this guy and they would have a perfect life together.
My Baby Shot Me Down
Janie and Tea Cake's relationship ended with an altercation where Janie shot and killed Tea Cake. He got bit by a vicious dog and tried to attack Janie. Janie ended up shooting Tea Cake and he died in result of it. This song represents Janie killing Tea Cake.
Today in the modern world African American women don't see themselves for who they are. They are always trying to change the way they look for example getting weave cause they don't their hair is pretty or long enough. Sometimes getting it cause they feel as if it makes them more beautiful.
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