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Romeo & Juliet vs. Romiette & Julio

No description

mikayla moody

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Romeo & Juliet vs. Romiette & Julio

R & J
Romeo & Juliet
VS. Romiette & Julio

R & J
Romiette & Julio
- Love can cause brutal endings because of others opinions
- Sometimes violence can cause death because one fights till the end
- Fate can have bad consequences because it is destined to happen and it is not anyone's choice.
- Often gangs can
cause death because
what goes around
comes back
- Often racism can cause
conflict because of
jealousy and hatred
Love can create dangerous dilemmas because people never know what is behind the other door.
"He was just a dude, a really good looking one-Wow-who needed somebody to be a friend.” “ He wasn’t a psychopath or a pervert” (page 71)

Often gangs can cause death because what goes around comes around.
Often racism can cause conflict because of jealousy and hatred.
R & J, Romiette & Julio compare/contrast plot
R & J
Romiette & Julio
Meet at party
Romeo & Juliet get married
Capulets & Montagues are enemies
Romeo & Juliet both die
Meet online
Involves gangs
Both alive
Parents dont want their children to be with each other
Both love each other
Involves fighting
Romiette & Julio Themes
R & J Themes
Violence can cause death because one fights til the end.

Love can cause brutal endings because of others opinions.

" Suddenly her arms were jerked tightly behind her." " She cried out in pain as the tied the ropes around her wrists and arms." (page 256)
Often fate can have bad consequences because it is destined to happen and it is not anyone's choice.
“Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die. (Act 5 Scene 3)“

" Nothing.That's just it. He's new. And he's not black." ( page 146)
”Thou , wretched boy, that didst consort him here shalt with him hence” “ This shall determine that”( Act 3 Scene

“Romeo, there dead, was husband to that Juliet, And she, there dead, that Romeo’s faithful wife. (Act 5 Scene 3)."
The author of Romiette and Julio draws on and transforms Romeo and Juliet by making it a modern story. We think that teens today could relate more to Romiette and Julio.
Thank You
The Question
Romiette and Julio meet in a chat room
Julio and Ben get into a fight.
Romiette & Julio
“(bigmac:) why don’t you two take it to a private chat room? (Spanishlover:) afroqueen? See you there? (Afroqueen:) I’m with you” (Page 44)
“He jumped up and spun around in one swift movement took his right fist out of his pocket, and all of his anger and frustration exploded in the center of the green-haired boy’s face.” (Page 22)
Romiette and Julio finally meet each other in the cafeteria and learn they are different races.
“Today I had lunch with Julio.” (Page 71)

“He’s Hispanic. So? And I’m black. So? Neither one of us noticed” (page76)

Romiette & Julio
Rising Action
Rising Action
Romiette & Julio
Romiette and Julio get kidnapped by The Family
“Two grabbed Julio before he could react.” “Her screams were muffled and silenced suddenly as Terrell tossed a dirty sweatshirt over her head. She gasped in confusion and terror as she felt herself being picked up and carried by two sets of arms.” (Page 205)
Romiette & Julio
Falling Action
Romiette and Julio get put in a boat and set afloat on the lake in a storm.
“Romiette felt herself being lifted into something hard and wooden. She knew it was a boat when they made her kneel in the bottom of it, head down, arm tied hind her back.” “They pushed the boat into the water then.” (Page 256-257)
Lightning strikes the boat. Romiette starts to drown.
“It arced, twisted and with vicious rage, the lightning stabbed the small wooden boa.” (Page 265)
Romiette & Julio
Julio and Romiette’s father find Romiette and Julio huddled together.
”Luis what is that under that log behind us?” “Luis couldn’t stop shaking. He could hardly grab Julio’s shirt.” (Page 296)

Setting (Time & Place) Cincinnati

Protagonist: Julio, Romiette

Antagonists: The Family

Conflict: The Family doesn’t want Romiette and Julio together because Julio is Mexican

Romiette & Julio
Romeo drinks poison
“’Here to me love!’ (Drinks the poison) O true apothecary’ (Act 5 Scene 3).”
R & J
Rising Action
Romeo and Juliet get married
“{They exit to perform the wedding ceremony} (Act 2 Scene 5).”
Tybalt killed Mercutio & Romeo Killed Tybalt
“(Romeo tries to break up the fight Tybalt stabs Mercutio under the arm) ( Act 3 Scene 1).”
Juliet drinks sleeping potion.
” (She drinks and falls down on the bed, hidden by the bed curtains) (Act 4 Scene 3).”
R & J
Setting (Time & Place) Verona 1500’s

Protagonist: Romeo & Juliet

Antagonists: Parents

Conflict: Romeo and Juliet are in love, but their families are enemies.

R & J
Falling Action
Juliet wakes up & find Romeo dead & kills herself
“(Stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger and dies) ( Act 5 Scene 3 ).
The watchmen find the dead bodies.
“Here lies the county slain; And Juliet bleeding, warm, and newly dead (Act 5 Scene 3).”
R & J
Friar Lawrence tells the prince the whole story
“I will be brief, for my short date of breath is not so long as is a tedious tale. Romeo, there dead, was husband to that Juliet; and she, there dead, that’s Romeo’s faithful wife (Act 5 Scene 3). “

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