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Constructed Response Schoolwide

No description

Mr. Beaver

on 25 October 2018

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Transcript of Constructed Response Schoolwide

Constructed Response
Sentence 2:
You will be expected to answer constructed response questions on all standardized tests
You must have several complete sentences.
DO NOT try to answer the question in one long sentence.
This usually results in a run-on sentence.
Sentence 1:
Answer the question with a specific opinion or direct answer.
Is Odysseus a good leader or bad leader for his crew on this journey?
Make sure you pick a side and support it. DO NOT try to support both sides.
Include a detail from the text to support your answer.
Give an example that shows Odysseus being a good leader or bad leader.
DO NOT contradict yourself in this example.
Explain how the piece of evidence supports your opinion or direct response.
How does your example prove Odysseus is a good leader or bad leader?
Sentence 3:
This shows you can present an opinion and support it based on textual evidence.
Make sure you read each question carefully and fully answer each question.
We will practice answering with a constructed response.
We will read the article on p.771 together. Then you will answer the following questions using evidence from the article to support your answer.
1. What duty did hosts have to their guests?
2. What happens if hosts do not complete this duty?
Odysseus is a good leader for his crew.
Odysseus advises his crew to leave the island of Cicones before the army attacks them.
This example shows that Odysseus tried to keep his men alive in all situations.
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