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Kennedy's 4th Grade year!!

No description


on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Kennedy's 4th Grade year!!

Kennedy's 4th Grade year!!
One study habit that I can improve on is IXL. I can do that by getting on the computer and do one skill over the summer each week.
Something that I have improved on over the year is fractions. In the beginning of the year, I struggled with fractions. But when we learned about fractions with Miss Grant, I really could understand them much better.
Standards I will continue to work on:
Some standards I will continue to work on is Properties of Multiplcation.I struggle with those because to me I get confused with the different properties.
My favorite part of 4th grade!!
My favorite part of math class was how good Miss. Grant explained how to do something. She would always would explain how to do something in a way that everyone would understand how to do something.
By: Kennnedy Montoya
Something that I have
Imoroved on:
One study habit that I will work on in 5th grade:
My favorite read aloud book was:

The Watson's go to Birmingham 1963 because I loved the way we would read a part and then there would be a surprising part when I read.
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