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Lydia Trojanowski

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Pollution

by: Lydia, Alexandra, Lukyan, Valentyn, Mar yan
Pollution is the contamination of three of the five basic needs : air, water, and soil. These needs can be polluted by substances that are harmful to living organisms. Pollution can be directly or indirectly discharged. Some pollution happens naturally, but most occurs because of human activity.
Light Pollution
Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Soil Pollution
Thermal Pollution
Water Pollution
What is Water Pollution?
Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies. Water pollution happens when pollutant are discharged into bodies of water without proper treatment to remove these harmful compounds.
Why is Water Pollution Happening?
Some water pollution happens naturally but most of it occurs because of human activity.
Oil Pollution
Nuclear Waste
Too Many Nutrients
Oxygen Depletion
Oxygen Depletion
* depletion - act or process of "deleting" something * caused by human activities *destroys natural balance in water * no more oxygen in the water *bacteria can thrive in the water

Nuclear Waste
* caused by human activities *kills lots of aquatic life *can give humans lots of harmful diseases

* caused by human activities ex. oil spills, dumping chemicals into the water * oil doesn't dissolve in the water, it turns into a sludge * kills lots of aquatic life
Oil Pollution
Too Many Nutrients
*caused by human activities *nutrients are essential in aquatic life just like in plant life *encourages growth of algae and weeds *making the water highly polluted

Where is it happening?
When did it start becoming a major problem?
Who are the organizations trying to stop it?
Wilderness Society - make sure that future generations will enjoy clean air water ... etc
Trees Water People - many environmental programs
Nature Conservancy - preserve natural communities

What can we do to help?
Thermal Pollution
Why is it happening?
Where is it happening?
When did it start becoming a major problem?
Who are the organizations trying to help?
What can we do to help?
What is it?
*Thermal pollution is the downgrade and contamination of the quality of water by changed water temperatures caused by us human.

Soil Pollution
What is it?
Why is it happening?
Where is it happening?
When did it become a major problem?
Who are the organizations trying to help? What is being done?
How can we help?
Soil pollution is the contamination of land through dumping waste and garbage into the environment.
trash accumulates over the land
harmful chemicals leak into the soil
acid rain
water pollution spreading
construction sites
Clean the World - helps prevent groundwater from being contaminated, provide hygiene education
sorting,collecting, and processing discarded containers
the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
research and tell people about soil pollution
influence others
lead by example

Light Pollution
What is it?
Why is it happening?
Where is it happening?
When did it become a major problem?
Who are the organizations trying to help? What is being done?
How can we help?
Air Pollution
What is it?
Why is it happening?
Where is it happening?
When did it become a major problem?
Who are the organizations trying to help?
How can we help?
use less cars (bike, walk etc)
make a law
use less electricity
create a remedy
create electric cars
educate people about the issue
primarily from industries and vehicles
population and industry growth
leaving your charger plugged in
harmful, poisonous substances released into the air
can cause acid rain
poisonous gas ozone
effects: lung cancer, eye/nose/throat irritation
most negative: Iran, Qatar, China, Pakistan
big cities
highly populated
third world countries: from factories
developed countries: cars, electricity, hairspray, cutting down trees etc
Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP)
educating, litigating, making policies, addressing laws
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
educating, trying to develop remedies, trying to make laws
forest fires
*Soil pollution widespread around
the world
*The most polluted are: China,
Dominican Republic, Russia
*People create comfort for themselves but not for the environment
*The worst source of pollution
is the people
* we can start altering environment of watercourses: road building, logging pounds or diverting flows for irrigation

* we can create or use man-made cooling stations instead of releasing it into the environment

it has always been a problem
1985 a hole in the ozone was discovered
before cars and most industries- fires, mining, livestock (mostly cows)
1273 air regulations first appeared
between Dec. 5-9 ,1952, 4000 people died because of smog trapped in a thermal inversion

* make a "fat jar"
* conserve water
* don't throw garbage into water
* think before you flush
* minimize the use of pesticides

* it has always been a problem
* 312 B.C.E (ancient Rome)
* humans didn't understand why they couldn't put sewage into water until the 1850's
* 1854 , in London outbreak in many different diseases
* Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught on fire many times
Yellow River, China
Citarum River, Indonesia
Buriganga River, Bangladesh
Mississippi River, U.S.A
Yamuna River, India
Chaohu, River, China
Pollution Video
* natural bodies of water arise from the waste polluted
* industries use the river's flow to cool down discharge or water temperature
* Urban runoff discharged to surface waters from paved surfaces like roads and parking lots can make water warmer
* Trees and plants prevent sunlight from falling directly on bodies of water, which makes them heat up
* thermal pollution happens all around the world
* mostly in countries like: central Europe, Angola Colombia, Germany, Afghanistan
* a organization that's trying to stop Thermal pollution is "Safe Drinking Water Foundation (SDWF)"
* they travel around Canada stopping thermal pollution and providing people with safe drinkable water
light pollution is the brightening of the night sky caused by the street lights and other man-made sources.
Light pollution is occurring because the lights that are on every night are spilling unnecessarily upward and outward causing glare, light trespass, and night time urban
"sky glow".
The most of the light pollution is occurring in the eastern North America and in Europe.
Light pollution has been gradually becoming a problem since the beginning of the 20th century. This problem started shortly after cities began adopting electric lights. Before then observatories were mostly built inside cities.
Organizations such as International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). Sky Quality Protection Technical Office (OTCP) is also one of the organizations that is trying to stop light pollution.
* recently
* population growth
* greenhouse gas emissions
The cheapest, most obvious and most affective way to reduce light pollution is to start turning things off, check with your power company to see if your paying for the outdoor lights, if so the ask them to
cancel it.
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