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Fall in Love with Your MLA Format!

No description

Cynthia Lozano

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Fall in Love with Your MLA Format!

Fall in Love with your
MLA Format
Anthologies, References, Collections
Poems and Plays
In-text Citations
Scholarly Journals
In-text Citations
General Format
Citing Periodicals
Citing Books
1 inch margins
Double Spaced
Page numbers
In-text Citations
Works Cited Page
2 authors: (Francisco and Lynn).
Multiple authors: (Francisco, Vaughn, and Lynn).
More than 4 authors: (Abrams et al.).
No author: ("Pure").
Burns, Roberts. "Red, Red Rose."100 Best Love
Poems (italics). Ed. Philip Smith. New York: Dover, 1995. 26. Print.
Keats asks "What men or gods are these?/What maidens loth?/What mad Pursuit? What struggle to escape?" (lines 8-9). He can provide no answer, but he notes that the lucky lovers pictured on the urn are "for ever young;/All breathing human passion far above" (27-28).
"All students should seek additional assistance" (Johnson 114).
Johnson states that all students should seek assistance outside of the classroom when necessary (114).
Johnson states, "All students should seek additional assistance" (114).
Brian explains, "Students should feel empowered after receiving one-on-one tutoring" (qtd. in Johnson).
A short time later, Lear loses the final symbol of his former power, the soldiers who make up his train:
GONERIL. Hear me, my lord.
What need you five-and-twenty, ten or five,
To follow in a house where twive so many
Have command to tend you?
REGAN. What need one?
LEAR. O, reason not the need! (2.4 254-58)
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