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Southwark Southern Council

No description

Jad El Omeiri

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Southwark Southern Council

Welcome to Robert Heath Heating
Wednesday 29th 2014
An Introduction...
The Headlines
Established 1979
£25m Turnover
350+ staff in seven locations around the country
219 Gas Qualified Operatives
35 social housing clients
130,000+ Domestic Properties under “3 star” contract
3,500+ Installations
Commercial Teams – 207 plant rooms
MCS/PAS2030 Accreditations
Current Clients
…….To be the leading innovative provider of energy contract services in the UK and to continue to provide customer focused best value services to clients in the social housing sector….
Mission Statement
First to introduce e-GSR
Real time Connectivity
Automated Programmes
100% Quality Control
Communication With Residents
Web Portal
our contact centers...
Example Communications With Our Residents
Partner Access
Communication With Client
Intelligent Reporting Software
Thank You!
For Watching...
Methodology for Contract Delivery

Area Specific – not Contract Specific

Substantial Head Office Resource

Satellite Offices – Video Conferencing

Local Service Delivery

Real Time Connectivity with Operatives - PDAs

Automated Service Programmes

Driven by expiring date of existing LGSR

Automated Letter Production

Flexibility for the Customer

Reminder Calls and Texts

Access Videos

= 100% Compliance

Responsive Breakdown Service

24/7 Contact Centre

Appointment at time of First Call

Emphasis on First Time Fix

Technical Department

Internal Audit
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