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Timothy of the Cay

summer reading

michelle S

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Timothy of the Cay

Timothy of the Cay
Timothy's past life
This book talks about Timothy's past life and how a lady named Tante Hannah Gumbs helps raise him. Timothy wanted to be independent and go on a boat and Hannah was very proud but the boat left without him. Finally timothy went out on the Gertrude Theisman. In April 1890 Timothy came home. He was so excited to see Tante Hannah but when he asked where she was they said she passed away.
Phillips sight
In the end, Phillip ends up getting his sight back but needs to wear glasses so he can see. He also gets to see the Cay which made him very excited. Timothy ended up captain of the boat he named Hannah Gumbs. Then he went on the S.S Hato and then thats how he met Phillip.
Phillip needs to decide if he wants to go through an operation and possibly get his sight back. It is risky though because he might die during the operation but Phillip so badly wants to see the Cay. So he decides to do the operation even though he is very scared.
By: Michelle S

This book, Timothy of the cay, is about Timothy's past life and how he grew up wanting to go out to sea and how he did it. It is also about how Phillip wants to go back to the cay but cannot see so he needs to either have an operation which could either fix the problem or he might still be blind or die during the operation.
The End
Thanks for watching!
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