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70's 80's musical era

No description

Megan Torres

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of 70's 80's musical era

70's & 80's The term "rock & roll" had become nearly meaningless. The dance craze of the decade,
Disco! This decade saw the breakup
of the Beatles and the death of
Elvis Presley, robbing rock
of two major influences. Brown developed the funk sound into the 1970s
and paved the way for many of the
other popular funk groups like Sly
and the Family Stone
to make it big in the decade. Pop music splintered into a multitude of styles: soft rock, hard rock, country rock, folk rock, punk rock, shock rock. Everyone wanted costly clothes and automobiles Americans became hopefully about making money Privacy became an issue Sex and drugs began to become very deadly AIDS started to appear. The causes were from sex and the sharing of needles Computer size started to decrease. Everyone had their own personal computer. Rap was introduced as spoken words that were not sung. But the 80s did turn around, and became a year of hope.
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