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No description

Ava Newton

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Entrepreneurship

Tonka Vespas Ava Newton and Kelsey Haugen Explanation of Business

-Rent vespas for travel
-Easy and fun way of transportation
-Located in Downtown Excelsior
-Mostly profited in
-During winter, souvenir
shop - Sign liability form
- Valid license or motorized bicycle license
- Under 18 wear helmet and glasses required Children...
- Ride behind parent
- Feet must reach pegs Renting vespas -Paved shoulders of road OR
extreme right
-No sidewalks or trails for bikers Target Market - Tourists
- Locals
- New Excelsior Hotel Rules of the road... Marketing -Advertisements
-Word-of-mouth Potential Reach
- New tourist population
- Local citizens Growth
- High
- Will become very well known Earning
- Very successful
- Rent/hour
- Min 3 hours, max 12
- $15-adults
- $10-children Cost
- 50cc Vespa $2,000 * 15 = $30,000 seasons Summers Most successful
- No School Winters -Maintain income
-Souvenir shop -Grow into states with major lakes
-Southern states will keep Tonka Vespas open all year Expansion Trends -New tourist population
-Fun way of transportation, efficient
-People spend a lot of time around lakes in the summer
-People want remembrances of vacation Unique Selling Opportunity

-Easy and fun way of transportation
-Vespas are brightly colored Inspiration? Italy
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