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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Ashlyn Vogelsang, Richard Hoyle, and TJ Lett Block 3 AP English IV Hamilton

Ashlyn Vogelsang

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book of the very well known and beloved Harry Potter Series created by the much respected J.K. Rowling.
The fantasy series (Potter Books) have gained world wide attention. Being the best selling books in history, they have won more than their fair share of awards and sold over 400 million copies. a few things to look over... clips! activity! In the beginning... NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! IT DOES MATTER Of Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, there is a trial to question Harry's innocence in terms of when he used magic outside of school in front of a muggle!!! To make the decision as to whether Harry is innocent or guilty. Are all charges cleared, or can Harry kiss Hogwarts goodbye? If they don't believe Harry is innocent, he can't go to Hogwarts anymore! EXPECTO-PATRONUM!!! I must not tell lies. Voldermort VS. Dumbledore Harry's inner battle... CONFORMITY and REBELLION In Harry Potter, we witness examples of both conformity many times throughout the book. As everyone who is familiar with this series would expect, Harry tends to lean towards rebellion and find himself in situations where he must not obey authority figures. Nothing stands in Harry's way when he feels as though it is his obligation to do the right thing, including the law.
On the other hand, his good friend Hermione tends to be more cautious about such things and chooses to conform to what is written in black and white rather than rebelling and making rash decisions. However, no one should be fooled by Hermione because although she is a very well-behaved girl, she is also very brave and would do anything for her friends and pretty much anything that she believed was right.
One example of where Harry's rebellion is in plain sight for the reader is when he gets a group of wizards/witches together and begins to teach them spells that are no longer taught or tolerated at the school of Hogwartz. PLOT exposition SYMBOLISM Symbols For Harry Potter
1.The Phoenix (Fawkes)- symbolizes the new beginnings that occur in the book. Also, Fawkes could symbolize Harry’s emotional “rebirth” and the end of the book.
2.The Ministry’s Golden Fountain- symbolizes the ministry’s condescending view of centaurs , house elves, and goblins having to look up to wizards and witches. Also, is a good representation of how Professor Umbridge feels about half-breeds and non-humans, and could mean that her opinion is shared significantly throughout the wizarding community.
3.Mrs. Black’s Portrait- symbolizes that things from our past have a way of coming back to us.
4.The Two Way Mirror-and the Knife that Opens any Lock- symbolize the love Sirius has for Harry, and draw out the tragedy in Sirius’ death.
5.The Department of Mysteries- symbolizes the forbidden things that no one should interfere with. Basically, some things are better off untouched and should go unnoticed.
6.Occlumency- ultimately serve as a symbol of Harry’s youth. Because he shows his age at not being able to handle it plus the pressures that come with being a 5th year.
7.O.W.L. Exams- symbolize the wizard version of the SAT or ACT exams. Because Harry has accomplished so much and still has to pass a test shows that real-life experience is often far more important than book learning.
8.Privet Drive- symbolizes protection for Harry (a safe haven you could say). Also, the ties to family, for the Dursley’s represent Harry’s last family with blood connections that are alive, and the connection is a part of what protects Harry.
9.Hogwarts- represents the constant change of life. Because of how Umbridge and the Ministry change how Hogwarts is run.
10.Dumbledore’s Office- symbolizes a answer key because it’s where Harry can go to get the answer to any question he has from Dumbledore (or his memories: pensive), or at least a pretty accurate theory. best office ever, like, really.... rising action climax falling action denouement This opening section provides background information about the characters, setting, and situation, describing the nature of the conflict, which is generally an unstable situation. After an inciting incident, the conflict and complications for the main character begin to build. The climax occurs when the emotional tension or suspense of the plot reaches its peak. The climax may include a turning point where the fortunes of the protagonist improve (in comedy) or worsen (in tragedy). Building to the climax usually occupies most of a story, and what follows is comparatively brief. This section details the result (or fallout) of the climax or turning point. In this phase, the conflict gets resolved. (pronounced day-noo-mah): This French word means "untying the knot." In this often very brief phase, the conflict has been resolved, and balance is restored to the world of the story. In fairy tales, this phase is often represented by a single sentence: "And they lived happily ever after." The denouement was traditionally used to tell "the moral of the story," but writers in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries frequently close without this final resolution, leaving readers to ponder the possible meanings of what came before. - EXPOSITION: The book introduces us to Harry being stuck on Privet Drive without any connection to the world of magic. The fact that no one will let him in on what is going on puts him in a state of frustration and low patience. All the while he keeps getting messages from Hermione, Ron, Sirius, and others but none will give him the answer that he wants. One night Dudely and him are walking home at a late our and a couple dementors come (Harry seems to be the reason for their visit) and attack the two boys. Harry is able to fight them off with the Patronus Charm, but Dudely, being the muggle that he is, cannot. In order to save his awful adoptive brother, Harry must use the Patronus Charm again to finish off the dementors. The only one who witnessed Harry's use of magic (underage) for self defense was Mrs. Figg who is a Squib (someone who is born into a magical family but does not have any magical powers) and has been watching over Harry since the beginning of the summer under the orders of Albus Dumbledore. - RISING ACTION: When the Ministry of Magic gains knowledge of Harry using magic outside of Hogwarts under-aged, they immediately send him a letter that says that he is expelled from Hogwarts for what he has done. This breaks Harry's heart in way that allows him to completely come out of his rational state and he threatens the Dursley's with his wand, but then more letters swoop in. One of the first is evidence that Dumbledore has gained knowledge of the actions that are taking place because the Ministry decides to give Harry a hearing which is something they would not have given to him if Dumbledore had not talked them into it. The letters following that one tell Harry not to leave the house under any circumstances, which becomes a challenge for him because the Dursley's are becoming his main reason for frustration. Soon, the Dursley's leave for what seems to be a special convention that they have been invited to, but really it is just a distraction. This is when we see the reason for why the letters before were telling him to stay put in the house on Privet Drive: A group of wizards and witches came to rescue Harry from the Dursley's home and take him to Sirius' home -- The Order of the Phoenix. After being there for a couple of days, Harry goes to his trial at the ministry where he is defended by Dumbledore and Mrs. Figg serves as his witness. After a vote from the Jury, Harry is cleared of all charges. Because Harry is finally free to attend Hogwarts with Hermione and Ron. When they arrive they figure out that Dolores Umbridge is their new Defense of the Dark Arts teacher. This is no good news for them because Umbridge works for the Ministry and supports Cornelius Fudge in his belief that Voldermort has not returned and his efforts to make Dumbledore out to be an old man that does not know what he is talking about. Sooner or later, the students figure out that Umbridge will not teach them anything about defending themselves from the threats that surround them. Harry and his friends soon form D.A.(Dumbledore’s Army). The students practice spells that will defend them on their own in order to prepare for the return of Voldermort. Soon, Umbridge catches them and Dumbledore takes the blame and resigns as headmaster of Hogwarts, which is a role that Umbridge was quick to fill. All the while Voldermort is taking over Harry’s mind and poisoning it with terrible, violent dreams. -CLIMAX: At the climax of the story, Harry has a terrible vision of Voldermort torturing his godfather, Sirius, for a prophecy that Voldermort, for some reason, must have. Quickly, Harry rounds up everyone and begins to head off to the Ministry where he believe he will have a chance to save Sirius. Before they left, Hermione warned Harry that Voldermort may be trying to trick him in order to lure him exactly where he wants him. It turns out Hermione was right because when they arrived Sirius was not there. They had been trapped! - FALLING ACTION: Once they realize they had been tricked by Voldermort, their job now is to fight off the Death Eaters that are led by Lucius Malfoy. Luckily D.A. does not have to fight alone because the Order of the Phoenix shows up, including Dumbledore, and helps the students fight against the dark wizards. In the midst of the fight, Harry drops the glass sphere (prophecy) and it shatters. Soon, Bellatrix Lestrange kills her own cousin, Sirius Black, and Harry, in complete devastation, tries to avenge Sirius by running after Bellatrix and trying to kill her. Harry becomes very close to killing Lestrange but is stopped because Voldermort encourages him to do it, which allows Harry to hesitate long enough for Lestrange to vanish. -DENOUEMENT: The novel ends with Voldermort and Harry attempting to fight to the death. As Harry loses power, Dumbledore steps in to help. Frightened by Dumbledore's power, Voldermort gives up on fighting and escapes. However, before he does, Voldermort passes through Harry and begins to torture him from the inside out to figure out the mystery of the prophecy. Harry claims that the prophecy says that he will always have something Voldermort will never have - the power of love. Also, Harry says that the prohpecy says that between him and Voldermort, one cannot survive while the other is still living, so one must die. After all of this Dumbledore tells Harry that it is important that he live at Privet Drive over the Summer because the gift that Harry's mother gave him was safety, and that gift cannot be complete without staying with the Dursley's. From now on, if the Dursley's mistreat Harry, they have to answer to the Order of the Phoenix and will not get away with unreasonable punishments anymore. 1. Harry Potter (Protagonist)
2. Albus Dumbledore
3. Lord Voldermort (Antagonist)
4.Sirius Black
5.Hermonie Granger
6. Ron Weasley
7. Fred Weasley
8. George Weasley
9. Rubeus Hagrid
10. Remus Lupin
11. Petunia Dursley
12. Draco Malfoy
13. Severous Snape
14. Dolores Jane Umbridge
15. Arabella Figg
16.Alastor (Mad Eye) Moody
17. Nymphadora Tonks
18. Ginny Weasley
19. Dudely Dursley
20. Vernon Dursley
21. Cornelius Oswald Fudge CHARACTER LIST LIST OF DEATHS... CHARACTER Luna Lovegood's Mother

Broderick Bode

Sirius Black KILLED BY Herself (accident)

Walden Macnair

Belatrix Lestrange CAUSE OF DEATH Her own spell backfired

Devil's Snare

Falling through veil of Avada Kedavra CIRCUMSTANCES Luna Lovegood witnessed her death

St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

Battle of the Department of Mysteries FIREWORKS Characters: 1. Judge: Cornelius Fudge
2. Head of the Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement: Amelia Bones
3. Dolores Umbridge
4. Dumbledore (acts as Harry's legal defender)
5. Harry Potter (defendant)
6. Arabella Figg (witness)
7. JURY Ashlyn Vogelsang, TJ Lett, and Richard Hoyle Sources. www.shmoop.com/harry-potter-5-order-phoenix/symbolism-imagery.html






Literature&Composition. Jago, Shea, Scanlon, Aufses. Textbook. 2011 by Bedford/St. Martin's
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