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Cololardo Landmarks Prodject

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on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Cololardo Landmarks Prodject

Cololardo Landmarks Prodject
Argo Gold Mine and Mill/ Denver Mint
These two places are alike and different.
Thank you!
Denver Mint and Argo Gold Mine and Mill
The Denver Mint is located in Denver, Colorado. It is one of the four mints in the Uniteed states. The other three are: San Francisco, Philidelphia, and west point. It was designed by James Knox Taylor. It is owned by the government.
Argo Gold and Mill is located in Clear Creek county, colorado. It was made in January, 1859 by George a. jackson. It was the first major gold discovery place in Cololado.
These Two Places are Important to Colorado History
The Argo gold mine was the first major gold discovery in Colorado. The denver mint makes coins for all around the United States.
By Erik Boydston
The Denver
Denver Mint and Argo Gold Mine and Mill: What is the Geography surrounding it?
The Denver MInt is surrounded by west 14th ave., Delaware st., Cherokee st., and West Colfax ave. It is in Denver County.
The Argo gold mine and mill is in Clear creek county, colorado in Idaho Springs. it is off of i-70.
These Two Places Have an Impact on the Colorado Economy
Argo Gold
at Argo gold mine and mill they have an impact on the Colorado economy because you can go on tours, buy guaranteed placer gold, and get guaranteed gemstones.

At the Denver Mint you can go on free tours, they have a gift shop, and they have guides.
The Government was Involved in These 2
The government was involved with the Denver Mint because they made it. The government was involved with The Argo gold mine because they let people buy it.
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