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The framework and its implementation

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on 28 February 2012

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Transcript of The framework and its implementation

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 The Road Ahead
The case study - Kvillebäcken The framework and its implementation The framework for measuring the 4D benefits Performance's results Constract sum: 114 MSEK Construction time:
Dec 2011 - Sep 2013 Scope: 81 apartments Can only deal with a single specific activity Customized according to a specific activity Used to measure seclected activities Weekly measurements Design errors & conflicts
Schedule conflicts
Time-space conflicts
Design-onsite conflicts. Schedule performance
Hit rate percentage Period 11-09-01 to 12-02-14 Design Phase Construction Phase Design errors Project meeting reports: 2 collision tests: Schedule errors: 3 problems identified from project meeting reports Number of client's order to change: 1 time 10 problems 1st test - 17 conflicts Design conflicts: between actors (VDK & NCC), between design options (underground drainage system), and missing designs Schedule performance: SPI = 1.02 ( at 2012.02.14) Hit rate percentage: 0% If we allow +-8 days, hit rate percentage reaches 50% The results tell us The results tell us Design errors lie mostly in conflicts among actors and insufficient drawings/specifications Schedule errors indicate that the project has serious problems in planning Client satisfaction is (maybe) high 5/10 cases of insufficient drawings and specifications 5/10 cases of conflicts among actors in the project Something We are ahead of the schedule and have no problem with tasks' quality We are doing extremely bad plan Undersestimate our ability and competency

Lengthen durations (finished 28 days ahead!)

No connection, no critical path

Insufficient data recorded---> lack of monitoring process Is the framework reliable? Conclusion Not sure yet because of insufficient evidences But the framework gives very promising results Specify 4D benefits and their KPIs Specify problems that need to overcome to apply 4D Suggestions The mature level of projects For the future Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 2D drawing & list of activities 3D models & Critical path method BIM models & Critical path method Manually integrating 3D and CPM Automatically integrating 3D and CPM Mahalingam (2010) found that 4D is very useful for workers to visualize the cosntruction activities (even higher than upper management) How to let workers interact with 4D more? Naviswork on Ipad BUT Project Manager commented that the project was delayed around 7 weeks. WHY?
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