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2.1 Influences on American Government

No description

Ashley Rivera

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of 2.1 Influences on American Government

2.1 Influences on American Government
Our Origins
- Our government originates back to ancient Rome and Greece.
- Direct democracy: people vote directly
- Representative democracy: people vote for representatives
- Republic: a government based on representative democracy
English Influences: Magna Carta (1215)
- English Nobles forced King John to sign this document.
- This limited the King's power.
- Significance: established the idea of LIMITED GOVERNMENT.
800th Anniversary of Magna Carta
- Kings who reigned after King John established a Legislature that would later be called Parliament.
- 1688: Parliament forced King James II from the throne during the Glorious Revolution.

English Influences: English Bill of Rights
- The new King and Queen had to agree to a set of laws that guaranteed individual rights.
- This document would later become the English Bill of Rights.
- Significance: signaled end of conflict between king and parliament.
Original English Bill of Rights
Other influences: The Enlightenment
1.) Social Contract: Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)
- an agreement of all people in society with their government
- the people agreed to give up some freedom and be ruled by government.
Thomas Hobbes
Other Influences: The Enlightenment
2.) Natural Rights: John Locke (1632-1704)
- a freedom people possess relating to life, liberty, and property
- all people born with equal, God-given rights

John Locke
Other Influences: The Enlightenment
3.) Separation of Powers: Baron de Montesquieu (1689-1755)
- The power of government should be divided intro three branches.
- Then, no single branch could become too powerful.
The First Colonial Governments: Jamestown
1.) Jamestown = House of Burgesses
- Colonists chose reps to make decisions for them in an assembly.
- Significance: it marked the beginning of self-government and rep. democracy in America.
The First Colonial Governments: The Mayflower Compact
2.) The Mayflower Compact:
- The Pilgrims knew they reached a land that had no government.
- They agreed upon a compact to obey all the laws they created.
- Significance: They established direct democracy in America.
1. What two English documents later influenced American government?
2. What three ideas from the Enlightenment influenced American government?
3. What are the first two examples of self-government in the Colonies?
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