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SUNY Fredonia Study Abroad Orientation

All the essential information (plus a little extra too) for a successful study abroad experience.

Bethany Pulice

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of SUNY Fredonia Study Abroad Orientation

Around the World in 60 Minutes: Arrival
Details Documentation Deans & Dollars Getting It all starts here Getting Ready to Go Global An International State of Mind Practical Matters for Study Abroad Safety and Security Academics Abroad Final Thoughts Your Health Matters! Reverse Culture
Shock Culture Shock As a global citizen, what do you need to know and what do you need to be able to do? American Stereotypes Stereotypes Money Snacking Packing Practical Matters Posting Bail Your Body Booze Resources Safety & Security Housing @ Fredonia Return Registration STUDY Academics Abroad Have fun! Be flexible Stay connected Get involved Nervous is normal. Final Thoughts Communication Tips GPA abroad Ready to go Global Approved for courses? Financial aid? Completed paperwork? Immunizations Prescriptions Disabilities Counseling Honesty Health Insurance Passports Visas Travel books Verify study abroad contact Read program communication VERY carefully! What stereotypes exist about the country you will travel to? How will you move beyond them? What does the rest of the world think about US? One man's weird is another man's wonderful Arrive with local currency Credit or debit? Carrying Cash Will your cell phone work ? Pre-paid and SIM cards Skype All good things in moderation Perceived
Emergencies... lost or stolen passport pick-pocketing/burglary sickness alcohol/drug abuse judiciary issues/campus violations transportation delays/strikes etc... Real Emergencies serious illness (physical or mental) missing student assault (physical or sexual) arrest major accidents Crisis Emergencies
political/civil unrest
natural disaster
death In-country Program Staff http://studentsabroad.state.gov/ Learn local customs Maintain a healthy lifestyle Be good Fredonia Life still applies No such thing. Your study abroad transcript follows you...everywhere Watch for US e-mails E-mail your Academic Advisor for your pin Register online just as if you were at Fredonia Transcripts Plan ahead and complete
housing application! As long as you're excited too! Find us on Facebook! Keep busy Study Abroad is the achievement of a lifetime! Study Abroad
Orientation Registered? ISIC Cards ($25) Ryan Air (Europe) Eurorail/Brit Rail Talk to your credit card company When you return... Join Global Student Ambassadors Teaching and grading styles Class attendance Electives vs. Pre-approved credit While you are abroad... Email IEC your address and list of overseas course numbers Make sure you can access Your Connection What do you NEED? Courtney Gfroerer, Ghana Packing tips:
www.diversityabroad.com Phones Julie Ticco, Australia Katrina Johnston, Ecuador Break An International State of Mind Grace Hodges, England Elise Wilkin, Ireland Samuel Genovese, New Zealand TripAdvisor App DO NOT CALL YOUR PARENTS FIRST. They are not equipped at that time to secure your immediate safety or security. DO NOT CALL YOUR PARENTS FIRST. They are not equipped at that time to secure your immediate safety or security. Break Apply for graduation SUNY Fredonia International Education Center
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