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Theatre Publicity Manager

What it's like doing my job.

Mikayla Tony

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Theatre Publicity Manager

Theater Publicity Manger A publicity crew is responsible for organizing and implementing all advertisement for a production. Often in charge of ticket sales, this crew is sometimes combined with the house crew Duties/ Responsibilities of a Publicity Manager Salary Education/ Training Business Plan Budget Enhances Theater Website Sources - $30,000 to the high end of $50,000 They need a bachelor's degree in advertising and journalism. - They enhance theater by spreading out the word and promote itself to the public.
- They make the show more public, so more people will come. Job Description http://www.actorslife.com/article.php?id=123 http://www.theatrestrust.org.uk/resources/exploring-theatres/who-works-in-a-theatre
Prince, Nancy.Jackson, Jeanie.Exploring Theatre. Columbus: Glencoe, 2009 Promotes and sells tickets
Publicizes theater using:
- Fliers
- Posters
- Press Adverts
- Brochures
- Newsletters
- Websites
- Bill Boards
Organizes theater advertising campaigns
In charge of how a company promotes itself to the public
Responsibilities deal with the company's image
Spreads the word of the play or movie 1. Read script- 1 day
2. Create designs for advertisement- 1 week
3. Make fliers, posters, brochures, newsletters- 2 weeks
4. Put advertisements on websites- 5 days Paper- $5
Printer- $100
Computer- $500
Total= $650
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