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The Marine Biome

No description

Hana Chaney

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of The Marine Biome

The Marine Biome What is the Climate? It all depends on where the ocean is. In the arctic, the water is below freezing, but in the tropics, the water is very warm. But, the ocean can have some climate change effects on the surrounding land. Being near an ocean can cause the area around it to be warmer But, in an ocean, the farther down you go the colder it gets. Landforms Plants and Animal symbiosis Cleaner fish clean the inside of the mouths of predators. Usually, the predator would eat the fish, but instead let the fish clean out the inside of their mouth by eating parasites. The fish benefits by getting a free meal, and the predators get cleaned of parasite. Mutualism Commensalism When a sea turtle's shell get covered in algae, the turtle is unaffected. But the algae gets a free ride from place to place. But since one benifits and the other in not affected, this is commensalism. Parasitism Isopods will attach themselves to fish and feed off of their bodily fluids, harming the fish and can be fatal. Predator-Prey When a predator feeds off of its prey, this is called a prdator-prey relationship. There are thousands of different types this relationship, but one type we all know about is a shark and a fish. Main type of plant in an ocean: Kelp and seaweed. Food Chains Locations The Deep
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