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Rosen Campus Experience

No description

Jimmy Moore

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Rosen Campus Experience

The Rosen
Campus Experience Study Work Play Live Academic Support Services Hospitality @ Rosen
Living Learning Community Strategies for Success Resident Assistant Behind the Scenes Trips Study
Spaces Outside Student Lounges Private Bedrooms Community Center
& Floor Lounges Local Employment Get Involved! www.getinvolveducf.com Rosen
Life Family Weekend Spring Kickoff Mardi Gras For all UCF Events: Rosen College Apartments
Events Rockin at Rosen Welcome to Curaco Transportation For more information:
http://www.hospitality.ucf.edu Professionalism. Leadership. Service. Library SLS 1501 Events 75 ThemeParks 4000 Restuarants 120,000 Hotel Rooms Experience and Networking Academic
Success Professional Student Associations Future Theme Park Leaders of America
National Association of Catering Executives
Meeting Professionals International
And more... Club Hop Friendships and Fun Spooktacular Recreation &Wellness Rosen Campus Fitness Center www.getinvolvedUCF.com Cardio
Free Weights
Free motion cable SGA Sponsored
I-Drive Location
Free for Rosen Students
Group Exercise YMCA Partnership 4 and 2 bedroom apts
All appliances + microwave
All utilities included
Pay with financial aid
Walk to class
Free parking
Concierge lounge
24-hr staff availability
9-month agreements
Stay during breaks
Space is limited The Rosen Campus Experience Rosen College Apartments Rosen Shuttle LYNX City Bus Everything you need in one place! Career Services
Experiential Learning September 14-16 2012 Rosen College Clinic Open to all Rosen students
Registered Nurse and Dietitian
Triage and referral service
Located in Building 905-Rm 112 Parking.ucf.edu golynx.com Director-Jennifer Chandy
Assistant Director-Mckenzie Davies provides and promotes campus involvement options located in Rm 202B (behind the Student Lounge)
sosrosen@ucf.edu www.rec.ucf.edu
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