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No description

Razi Gill

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of MY POEMS

What To Expect
Acrostic poems
Alphabet Alliteration poems
Cinquain poems
Color poems
Concrete poems
Creature Alliteration poems
Five Senses poems
Who-What-Where-When-Why poems
I AM poems
Responsible Melody
Artistic Unison
Zany Song
Intelligent Instrumental
Adventurous Cello

Aunt Big or small Mother Overwhelming
Immediate Opens your mind
Love Kholes
Young and old School for G&E
Acrostic poems

Awesome anteaters ate all the ants
Big brown bears made a birthday bash
Cool cats went into the catacombs
Delirious dingo's did a dance
Evil elephants elbow each other
Flirtatious frilly dresses look fabulous
Girly girls do girly things
Hairy holograms are hated
Irritating iguanas imitate igloos
Jealous Jerry went to Jerusalem
Kicking kangaroos caught cool cats
Leaping leopards laughed at lemurs
Mellow monkeys look mischievous

Alphabet Alliteration
Dogs Books
Cute,Lovable Paper, Words
Walking, Barking, Sleeping Reading, Imagining, Learning
Loud when they bark Helps you learn more
Puppies Stories

School T.V
Books, Pencils Movies, Shows
Learning,Teaching, Writing Wacthing, Listening, Enjoying
Helps toward your future All a kid does
Building Television
Cinquain poems
Red is my grandma's favorite color.
Red is the color of my favorite perfume.
Red is the color of lava in a volcano.
Red is the color of my face when I'm embarrassed.
Red smells like freshly picked cherries.
Red tastes like apples on a hot summer day.
Red feels like Christmas is coming back.
Red makes me want to put on my favorite hat.
Red is the color of my favorite nail polish.
COLOUR poems
This is a a Paperian.
A Paperian lives on pretty pampering paddocks in Peru.
Paperian's properly eat pizza, plums, pears, and pakoras, while drinking Pepsi.
The Paperian prompley took park plans from a park protractor.
My Paperian plagiarized my prize for poems in Peru.
Creature Alliteration poems
Winter is white.
It tastes like water.
It sounds like ice cracking.
It smells like fresh snow every morning.
It looks like a winter wonderland.
It feels like I need a bigger jacket.
Five Senses poems
Spring time is so fun
I can run and jump and play
Also play with friends
I AM poem
Poems I like by other writers + critiques
Part 2
part 1
Negative nightingales nag about Nepal
Odd otters operated the office.
Persian parrots paraded with pants
Quiet quails quarrel over quilts
Random rats rank rodeos
Silent swimmers swim through seas

Ugly unicorns understand the use of utensils
Valuable vultures take a vacation in Venezuela
Wacky whales weave their way to Windsor
eXamining eXcorcists eXit the eXamining area
Yodeling yeti's look young
Zany zebras zip through Zimbabwe
Ten tanks went to Tajikistan.
By;Razia 7D
Colour Poem
Concrete Poems
Concrete poem
A square is the shape of a rubix cube. Which is my favorite
thing to play with when
I'm bored.

Creature Alliteration poems
One poem I like by someone else is The Creation by James Weldon Johnson.
Another poem I like is Angel of Death by Udiah.
A third poem i like is I Was A Dark Angel by Luke Slade
Pink is the colour of my teddy bear.
Pink is the colour of my I-Pod case.
Pink is my cousins favorite colour.
Pink is the colour of my hair brush.
Pink smells like freshly picked roses.
Pink tastes like ripe grapefruits.
Pink sounds like a beautiful birds singing
Pink looks like 100 flamingos in a pond.
Pink makes me want to put on a dress.
Pink is the theme of this poem.
A heart shape reminds me of the Lindor chocolates my friend gave me valentines day.
A circle reminds me of a cake I once made when I was 9.

A diamond reminds me of the time when I was 6, I was flying my kite and the string broke.
this is an Ianian.
A Ianian lives on a Indonesian illness center in India.
Ianin's improperly eat ice cream, italian food, igloos, and indian food.
The Ianian illegally took igloos from Indonesia in a ill manner.
My Ianian took my ideal idea for the intervention of important immortalization.
Five senses poem #2
Five senses poem #3
Earth is round
it tastes like fresh carrots
it sounds like birds beautiful voices
it smells like new grass after it rains
it looks like a new day everyday
it feels rocky
I am quiet and joyous
I wonder about how I will die
I hear an angels choir
I see heaven
I want to live forever
I am quiet and joyous

I pretend I am a singer
I feel an pearl in the bottom of the sea
I touch the stars
I worry about my life
I cry for dead people
I am quiet and joyous

I understand that we're all going to die one day
I say that music is life
I dream for individuality
I try to give peace to my family
I hope to succeed.
Trees are beautiful
It tastes like fresh apples
It sounds like the wind brushing against the branches
It smells like fresh grass
It looks like 10,000 men attacking when the wind hits it
It feels like the wind in my hair.
Who:Marilyn Monroe
What:sang the national anthem at a hockey game
Where:in the rogers centre
When: During the winter olympics 1949
Why:She was offered to.
Summer is the best
you can always find a friend
your never alone
Winter is so fun
sledding and tobogganing
and hot chocolate to

Fall can be fun to
jumping in piles of leaves
never getting hurt
What:was playing soccer until he got hurt
Where: at school
When: recces
Why:he was not good at sports
Who-What-Where-When-Why #2

Who:Maggie and her dog molly
What:were walking together
Where:on their street
When:7:50am Sunday morning
Why:dogs need daily exercise.
Who:Ariana grande
What:got a new show named Sam and Cat
Where:on Nickelodeon and YTV
When:6:30pm mondays
Why:Jennette McCurdy(Sam)and Ariana Grande(Cat) wanted to make a show together.
Self reflection
I think that this poem was very well written. But it still needs some work, like the purpose. there basically no purpose for this poem. But if it was for me to decide I would say it was made for catharsis(strong emotions). Also the title is sort of wired to. But I think what the author is trying to say is that god created so many beautiful things that he didn't have time to create something for him but when he did it created a whole new race. I believe that the max for the poem is when god can't find anyone to play with, but next thing you know god made so many other things like birds,rivers, and deers.

When I first heard that we were doing poetry, I was ecstatic. Then when we started the unit was bored and annoyed. I would have to say that my least favourite part was when we had to do the poetry book. But the best part was when I got to write the ''I AM'' poem, because I really got to express myself. This whole entire experience was very annoying. I had never stressed that much in my life. But i did like reading the poems, because I learned a bit more of everybody's personality. But writing was a big pain. I was writing for hours on the computer. The last day (Thursday) was the most work for me. Because I was procrastinating. on the first day we got it, I had a plan to get it all done. My plan was to work for four hours a day during the winter break. But since I got distracted over the break I needed a new plan to get it done so I made a new plan stating, that I have to work five hours a day.I was scattered all over. but on the last day I pulled through and did the whole entire project.
I would have to say that I liked this poem because it's very deep ,and gothic which I find quite enjoyable. I also really like how the author put the title. I think by looking at the title I can tell that this is about an angel of death. And by that I can infer that this is about an angel who got her heart torn out.
Another thing I noticed was that this poem has a rhyme scheme. Only the last words rhyme.
I was a dark angel is a really good poem. I liked it alot because it shows how fast the darker angel can change. I think the purpose of this poem is to show how fast people can change. And that is exactly what the title is trying to tell you too. It says 'I
a Dark Angel''. So it's saying people can change very quickly. I think the narrator is the angel herself. I think this because in the poem it says 'I' and 'I WAS' so that means it's the person itself. In this poem it is using past tense for the first stanza, and present tense for the second stanza. Because it's telling a story of how much a person changed.
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