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Electromagnetic Spectrum

Chapter 14 Sixth Grade Science

Cindy Mullikin

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Infrared Rays
Ultraviolet Light
Radio Waves
Visible Light
Gamma Rays have the highest frequencies in the EM spectrum. They are all over in space and luckily, because of Earth's atmosphere, can't reach us. Gamma Rays are used for curing certain types of cancer. Gamma rays have a wavelength that is about the size of an atom's nucleus.
Gamma Rays
The EM Spectrum
What is the EM Spectrum?
It's a fancy word for a stream of
(massless particles) moving in a wave like pattern at the
speed of light (300,000 km/sec)
. On the spectrum, the various forms are listed from
wavelength and
frequency to the
wavelength and the

There are
types of radiation listed on the electromagnetic
spectrum. Let's take a look at them...starting with the
wavelength and thus
Radio waves
are the
frequency in the EM spectrum. They are used for the transmission of data in coded form. Their
is huge from the size of a
soccer field
and even a
mountain range.
The first radio message was sent in
Guglielmo Marconi
. It's wave continues to travel through space.
Microwaves are used for TV, cell phones, and most commonly, the microwave. (cooking) Their
is about the size of a
bumble bee.
Infrared Rays are used for night vision, TV remote controls and computers. Infrared
is about the size of a
pin head.
Visible Light
consists of the combined colors of the rainbow making white light. Visible Light is the only EM wave that
we can see.
(That's why it's called visible. ) Visible Light wavelength is microscopic. It's wavelength is about as wide as an
Ultraviolet Light
comes from the sun and we make sunscreen and sunglasses to protect us from it. Ultraviolet light has very small wavelength. You cannot see it with a microscope. It is about the size of a
X- Rays
are used to look inside the human body. ( like seeing broken bones ) We have to use protective padding to cover our organs. X-Rays have a higher frequency than ultraviolet rays and can be quite harmful to a human. The wavelength is only the size of a

single atom.
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