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Paleozoic Era

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Maddie Otto

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Paleozoic Era

The pre-cambrian Era is before and the Mesozoic Era is after the paleozoic era.
Animal life
The first verterates inhabited this era. Lots of life began in seas. Marine animals were created and lived in the oceans, such as jawless fish. the first conifers appeared and so did dragonflys. Marine reptiles soon appeared such as lizards and snakes. this was also called the age of cockroaches, because they were foundall over the contients.
The Paleozoic Era only had two very important memorable things happen to its history. The first was at the beginning with the unexplained explosion of animal life and the second was at the end with the largest mass extinction in history.
Plant Life
Moss, algae, and other semi aquatic plants appeared in this era. Small, land-wide trees, like the ferns, were the first trees to spread across the land
The time range for this era is from 542 million years ago to 251 million years ago.
Paleozoic Era
Why the Palozoic Era?
The paleozoic era is a very important era to experience, because, you will be able to witness the appearing of the first invertebrates on earth, as well as the first living plants, and compare the life then, to life today.
Worldwide, during the cambrian period, it was warm, but soon after the beginning of the ordovician period, an ice age began. Making the waters and air cool.

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