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The relationship between TQM implementation and leadership i

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eman marhoon

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of The relationship between TQM implementation and leadership i

Article sections
This paper is a summary of the original study the researchers submitted to the conference committee.
The conference publication chair reviews it for suitability
2- layout,
then evaluating its
4-and clarity.
therefore this paper missing a lot of information related to the research hypotheses and findings
Research objectives
Leadership style
Conceptual framework
It is an analytical tool with several variations and contexts.

It is used to make conceptual distinctions and organize ideas.

Strong conceptual frameworks capture something real and do this in a way that is easy to remember and apply.
The importance of leadership in TQM implementation & leadership characteristics in higher education
• Responsiveness.
• integrity
• Courage.
• Passion

The relationship between TQM implementation and leadership in higher education
“EMCIS is one of the premier conferences in Europe and Middle Eastern region for Information Systems academics and professionals, covering technical, organizational, business and social issues in the application of Information Technology. www.ISEing.org

Measures the extent to which the Saudi Arabian universities are affected by the implementation of total quality management concepts .

The research problem is
Investigate the implementation of TQM in KSA universities and the best leadership practice,
in order to improve quality and ranking of Saudi Arabia
Establish the best leadership practice
Support the implementation of TQM concepts in KSA universities
Investigate the impact of leadership practice on the implementation of TQM concept and tools to improve the performance of KSA universities
Investigate and identify what type of leadership to use in order to improve the quality
Developing a conceptual framework to address the issues concerned
Literature review
provides brief literature review related to the main issues in this research
Conceptual framework
The framework which has been developed by the researchers to address the implementation of TQM by using the best organizational leadership style
presents the research methodology
Most important findings and further research perspectives are discussed
Successful implementation
1-Definitions &
examples of successful TQM implementation in higher education
Literature review
was divided into three sections as follows :
Historical review:
the Americans adopted the concept (1980) after they felt the threat of Japanese (1950) and dominate the world markets.

TQM is both philosophy and approach with a set of guiding principles that present the foundation of continuous improving organization."
" TQM practices have a positive impact on improving the organizational performance.
TQM is also utilized in academic settings, which provides guidance in educational institutions. It was known to promote management-teacher-student involvement, which leads to the improvement of higher education.
1. Oregon State University.
2. California State University.
3. University of California

1. South Bank University.
2. University of Ulster
3. Aston University
4. and Wolver Hampton University

Key elements
1. Leadership.
2. Continuous improvement.
3. Employee participation.
4. Empowerment.
5. Information management.

Transactional leaders
focus on the leadership between the leaders and flowers by adopting punishment and reward style.
Transformational leadership
An extraordinary leader who focuses on the
beliefs, needs and values of their followers,
who transforms the followers and engage with them to achieve the goal.
The focus of this study was on transformational leadership because it is the visionary leadership adopted by Deming as it is the most suitable type of leadership for implementing TQM
Types of conceptual framework
Models of operations research
Decision making
Descriptive Categories
Description or Descriptive research
Working hypothesis
Exploration or Exploratory research
Practical ideal type

Formal hypothesis

Explanation and Prediction
Information management:
- Manage the use of data and information to provide the fast response and the best analysis for the decision maker about the daily operational tasks.
Human resource management
examine if the staff recruitment and development meets the institution objectives to ensure the best performance.
Quality circle (TQM)
provide staff with the best quality work environment to ensure the staff satisfaction and participation
- Ensure all messages are clear for any situations
- Information should be accessible and reliable at all levels
Educational management
1- examine aspects of process management including :
- Education design
-education delivery
- Services and institution operations

2- examine how processes are :
- Creatively designed
- Effectively managed
- Continuously improved
3- Unsure continuous improvement and innovation in educational process of institution
1- Sit the rule and responsibilities for each member of staff toward the student's satisfaction.

2- Create partnership with parents, public communities and the government.
Organizational leadership
Higher education improvement
The methodology that been used by the researchers is interpretive multiple case study approach:
- Collecting evidence from multiple cases.
- Semi-structures interview to collect primarily data from quality mangers from two hierarchical positions
- the complementary data were collecting through observations and documentary analysis
- King Saud University

-King Abdul-Aziz University
- Extend the body of knowledge for both leadership and TQM.
- Highlight the growing interest of implementing TQM in higher education, especially in Middle Eastern countries
- Provide a road map for the decision makers of Saudi higher education to successfully improve the TQM implementation by using the best style of leadership
- Enhance the universities ranking and the quality of the graduates
1- Majed Aldarweesh,Information Systems Evaluation and Integration Network Group (ISEing) Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK
2- Wafi Al-Karaghouli.
3- David Gallear, Operations and Supply Chain Systems Network Group (OASIS)
European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems which.
held from June 7-8, Munich, Germany and discussed “Developing a scalable information systems in turbulent times
Research variables
Independent variable
TQM concept
Dependent variable
TQM implementation
(performance & efficiency)
Saudi higher education
The authors were successful in studying the implication of TQM in Saudi Arabia as TQM practice has become a popular nowadays in Saudi Arabia and needs to be applied in the Saudi higher education to improve the university ranking and also its outcomes
Authors were inaccurate in some parts of the study. They gave statement with no references, such as:

“TQM is defined as both a philosophy and an approach with a set of guiding principles that present the foundation of continuous improving organizations.”


“TQM practices have a positive impact on improving the organizational performance.”

Researchers miss order the literature review. After that they started to review the evidence of the importance of total quality management in education they have returned again in other locations-to talk about its importance in general
The authors indicated one of their methodologies they used is
“Collecting evidence from multiple cases “but they did not mention if there are any previous studies relevant the same topic of this

The researchers did not explain the relationship between total quality management in higher education and the conference (EMCIS2012) which is covering technical, organizational, business and social issues in the application of Information Technology.
The authors were successful in choosing studying TQM in high education as the universities nowadays are trying their best to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in higher education as well as to serve the community with top quality graduate students
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