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Peeps Pitch Deck

Setting: desk space.

Mohammad Yahfoufi

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Peeps Pitch Deck

Competition is fierce:
dvertising tries to develop a selective demand for a specific product. Advertising creates features like higher megapixels, and lower prices to benefit and persuade consumers. Competition is fierce because their are other companies and markets selling the same product. However, firms don't admit that their products are identical since they slightly differentiate their products from their competition. Firms also differentiate their product in a way they are able to convince consumers that their product is different and better from other producers. Markets determines the price for a various product by matching buyers and sellers for the product making sure that people don't substitute their products for cheaper goods. Competition is so fierce that it surrounds us everywhere from bus stations and shopping malls to radios and television commercials, It is obvious that companies would do anything to promote their goods and services. Competitive advertising may be either direct or indirect. The
t type aims for immediate buying action. The
type points out products that will affect future buying decisions. EX: Ads with direct prices, and phone numbers to call, is most likely a Direct type aim. Ads that focus on the quality of service and suggest you check the web site is an indirect type. Overall, competition creates conflict between markets and industries and the purpose of selling the products for the needs of the consumers changes the other way around.
Our Product
Market Size

Our Team
Event Scheduling
It can be tiring to go along and poll your members what’s a good date & even if you use those polling websites it takes time for the member to check their emails and press a link and vote
Clubs tend to be frugal with their budgets and spend time finding the best deal
Finding a sponsor requires clubs to go on and do door to door search to find someone interested to sponsor their events.

Documenting and accessing members profiles can be annoying

Email communication can be slow especially with college students, MSGs can be expensive, while mobile messengers are already crowded and some are insecure
by MOE
Peeps is
time & cost efficient tool to manage your Events & Groups

42 Million US College & High School student
US Market Size
470 Million College & High School Student
UNESCO 2007 Report
User Acquisition
Quick simple
mobile polls
event scheduling

in the vicinity of these colleges can post offers and Clubs can choose the best deal
Clubs can check bids from interested
and choose the ones that fit best to their event
profiles can be recorded and displayed easily
with members can be private, secure and fast.
On Campus Marketing
Social Media
Organic Growth
App store
Assigning high school and college campus leaders that can promote the app among their friends

creating and sharing original content on various media channels.
Encouraging users to invite their friends and create their own group to win their dream vacation
story placement in newspapers, magazines, blogs with focus on teenager intrest.
User will have to upgrade if he wants to find sponsors
Selling stickers of your favorite actor or cartoon character
Charging the user if he wanted to conduct targeted Marketing through our app
Revenue Streams
Social messenger vs Others
Moe Yahfoufi
Anusheel Bhushan
Tamara Abdul Hadi
Business Developer
Mobile Developer
Graphic Designer
Social Media Marketer
Time sensitive
Quick contact
with members
Event Management
Election Polls
Task Management
Event Guidance
Find Sponsors
Broadcast Event
Export Photos
in to Video
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