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Rugged Individuals

No description

Assassin Ezio

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Rugged Individuals

The passage talks about the fact American has been seen enterprising individuals and they reverence for the man who succeeds through his own efforts. And this attitude strength American’s sense of competition. In the last paragraph, the author quotes Theory of evolution and shows everyone should struggle for existence.
In unrestrained competition, victory goes to the strong, the ambitious, the proportioned to the contributions of their labors to the total product, as justice requires; they get what they deserve , in short. In the strife among competing individuals, the production of wealth is increased while its distribution runs according to merits.
American Dream
Since 1776, generations of Americans believe that only by a hard struggle can we get a better life, and people must depend on their own hard work, courage, creativity and determination to move towards success, rather than relying on a particular social class and other assistance. In two hundred years, "America dream" has inspired the young people to create their value. American has become the cradle of the successful people.
Rugged Individuals
It is just the symbol
of the American Dream
this world-view of human beings was reinforced by the rise and spread of Darwinism the world-view of biological determinism for the activities of all living things. According to that theory, the evolution of all life had been and is through the struggle for existence, natural selection, and the survival of the fittest,the victors, in that competition.
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