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A Level Maths, is it for me?

For prospective A Level Maths pupils

Graham Walton

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of A Level Maths, is it for me?

What about financial services or accountancy?
Thinking of studying any of the sciences or engineering at university?
Or maybe you fancy being a spy?
A Level Maths at Tupton Hall School:
Is it the right choice for me?

Why choose
Tupton Hall
for your studies?

What are the entry

Why take
maths at all?

In order to keep up with the pace and the challenge of the mathematics involved, we require a minimum of a grade B.
To complement your other subjects...
Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Geography, Psychology, Sociology,
Business Studies,
Lots of other A Level subjects have had an increase in the mathematical content of their courses...

Studyinging maths at A level will give you a head start in these subjects; Economics, Business studies, Psychology, Sociology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.

Even in essay based subjects such as history, A level maths can be useful. It teaches you to think in a logical way, something which is vital when putting across a coherent logical argument.
For your future career in...
As well as teaching all this.....
We also do this...
And look what we achieve...
Individual and Team maths challenges
Professional development opportunities
through the Maths Ambassador programme and lesson support opportunities
Flexible revision and support
Offer A Level Further Maths: One of the few local schools or colleges to do so...
Tupton Mathematics Alumni have gone on to read at top universities such as Warwick, Durham, Leeds...
Many pupils who have got a B at GCSE have gone on to achieve good grades in their A-Levels but this takes hard work and determination. Ideally students should have an A.
This raises to a grade A if you are taking Further Maths.
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