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Professional Day March 19, 2010


Craig Miller

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Professional Day March 19, 2010

Reading Interventions
8:00-8:30 Conversations...
8:30-9:00 Creating a Healthy System
9:00-11:00 Group Work
11:00-11:30 Reports, Questions, Concerns
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-3:00 Wayne Callender at Southridge Auditorium
And a Challenge...

Need to look at the system because if at least 80% aren't passing it's an "us" problem.
We need the right data to make the right decisions.
It's very frustrating to teach without having a target to show us if we're hitting our mark.
We need to know where the students are as they progress to know that what we are doing is working.
Students who are low in reading need more time in the right stuff to get to grade level.
Reading Mastery can happen in big groups or in large rooms with more than three or four groups.
Our work will become easier with time!
And it is worth it to make all kids readers!
Nothing is wrong with a little bit of struggle.
Is there?
Asking the right questions is vital.
We know what should be in each part of the reading instruction.
We know what GLAD strategies we can use instead of worksheets.
We know where
Step-Up to Writing
We need to know what to do in the different parts of reading instruction!
We need to know what is happening for our students when they go into other groups
Are we using the same vocabulary?
How much time will we spend on reading?
Having the data is a great beginning.
Fidelity is really understanding and adhering to verticle and horizontal alignment in order to prepare students for success. (Accountability)
Multisyllabic words are a problem for our students.
And so we decided to take the plunge into RtI!
It all began with a question...
MAP testing assesses decoding and comprehension.
It's getting clearer!
DIBELS was the answer!
There are so many questions, it's a bit overwhelming!
What belongs in and outside the reading block?
What's happening in those little rooms with paraeducators?
Where does GLAD fit?
We have and/or are identifying the right resources!
And that is the ultimate goal!
Thank you!
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