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Who Thep Actually Is..

No description

Adithep Narula

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Who Thep Actually Is..

Thep! Sit back, relax, and enjoy
learning who
Thep really is Keep On reading, there's much more So, how do you think that was? Do you think you
know me yet?
And if you think that test was long...
phew don't worry, there are much more to come.
So like I said, sit back , relax, have some popcorn
and enjoy I know I know... my tests are so interesting and fun to read,
okay, you may use the "Bathroom" break Let's Continue!! It's almost done...
HANG ON Last of last things,
summary of all these tests Smart? Funny? Adoring? Fit? Impatient? Find out ! So... DID "THEP" BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY? Thep Is... Sporty Caring Adventurous Simple yet... Interesting Fit Health Nut Peaceful
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