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Hannah Beattie

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of romans

The Rich and the Poor What They Wore The rich wore a tunic made from wool or linen. some rich men wore a toga rich married women wore a stola poor people wore a single short garment What the Romans ate rich peopl ate at banquets there was meat, wine, fruit, sallads and other foods poor people ate free oats given to them by the government. bread was made from this. there was a room called the vomitarim where a servent put a feather down somebodys throat and all their food would come back up so more could be eatten. A Childs life both boys and girls went to school called ludus(play) these were held in any available space after ludus school boys wet to grammer schools to study Greek and Latin while girls stayed at home to lern weaving sewing and painting. Girl working Boys grammer school Dinner banquet Wheet for the poor A toga A stola Garment The Rich What Their Houses Were Like and The Poor The rich had large houses with large pools, there was a big hole in the roof to let the rain fall into the pool the poor rented apartments
wich were stacked
on top
of each other Stacked apartments Rich roman house Both boys and girls played with hoops, marbles and footballs.. boys sometimes tried to copying chariotears by riding around in boxs pulled by goats and dogs. Hoop Marbles Wealthy Romans Richer peiple in Rome were very powerful. Some helped to rule the empire others were generals in the army. Some Romans looked after huge estates in the countryside. there wasa signe saing to controll yourself or leav. The Voutorium A Feather 1 2 3 4 5
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